Month: December 2015

All things makeup, hair and skincare

Cinderella – Dreamingless Magazine

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being Cinderella; aside from being kept in a basement, doing all of the housework and being told what to do, I thought of being whisked away to the ball by my friends, dressed beautifully and get to meet my Prince Charming. Of course, none of

Prepping and Pouting – Bath Chronicle

Lipsticks are my favourite piece of make-up. It can completely make a look and adding  a pop of lip colour to a fresh face really makes a difference. To make a lip colour really stand out from the crowd, its so important to know how to prep your lips first and how to apply it

Christmas Makeup 2015 – Bath Chronicle

Don’t shoot the messenger, but Christmas is coming. On the brightside, this does mean Christmas parties and yet another chance to get dressed up and (hopefully) dine out on the boss’ money! Velvet and cashmere textured foundations are the mother of all foundations at the moment giving a radiant feel that is still reasonably matte.