Month: April 2016

All things makeup, hair and skincare

Bristol Fashion Week 2016

I consider myself so lucky when I get invited to events, especially events with freebies and eye candy in the shape of male models. So a few weeks ago, myself and my quite frankly stunning photographer Lucy Rose Tindall were invited to Bristol Fashion week by the lovely team at The Mall in Bristol. As

Real Weddings – Lisa Bennett

Obviously, I love a good wedding. I especially love it when the bride and groom are as sweet and as perfect for each other and Lisa and her fiancé Tom. I met Lisa a little over a year ago in London for a consult. Where she very sweetly paid for my Uber taxi when I

Harvey Nichols Makeup Masterclass

One of the things that I love about Bristol is how much this beautiful city has to offer. In March I was lucky enough to be invited Harvey Nichols to attend one of their make-up masterclasses. Masterclasses are great for any make-up artist or anyone looking to keep up to date with trends and techniques

How to Create Your Perfect Wedding Album

The wedding day is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life. Since childhood, every woman imagines this day, a perfect one like in fairytales: dressed in a gorgeous white dress, a prince waiting for her and a lot of people around enjoying with them. Things are not always so simple. Everything is