Can I end the blog post there, pretend its still Christmas and have some mulled wine? No? Ok.

Over the past few years, wedding hair styles have moved around the head quite a lot and have varied on being to the side or directly in the middle at the base of the neck. I am a huge fan of styles that are low and messy. They look great with bridal hair accessories and work wonderfully with a veil. ‘Messy’ styles are also perfect for fine hair. They can really pad out hair styles without the use of extensions or doughnuts – both of which I not so secretly hate. In case you can’t already tell from my portfolio of work, I love natural looks; looks that emphasise our natural beauty but can add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ for the big day.

A few of my brides last year have been opting for hairstyles that are based quite high on the head and I LOVE IT! High hair styles work wonderfully if you don’t plan on having a veil (you can of course still have a veil, but I think this look is great without one).

To create a modern, messy ponytail, require a little extra styling than your standard pony. Think Blake Lively rather than Sporty Spice (both strong looks but I’d choose Blake over Mel C any day).
Adding beach waves to ponytails can make a pony super chic and effortless looking. Having some loose strands around the face can really soften the look. I recommend having the strands of hair no longer than an inch or so past your chin. Use a good texturising powder and pull apart sections with your fingertips to give a slight ‘bed head’ look. Remember to hide the hair band holding the ponytail in to place.

Loose waves

If you always wear your hair down, it can feel a bit foreign to suddenly have it up. Do with what makes you comfortable and what makes you ‘you’. I rarely wear my hair up so on my wedding day, I would definitely wear it down. Create barely there waves by taking large sections of hair and curl sound a large barrelled tong. Pull apart before they cool, add some texture and a little hair spray then you are all set.

Messy, low buns

As always, start by curling the hair in various directions and secure in to a ponytail at the nape of the next. take small sections and large sections, back-comb, twist or place them in to an undefined bun and pull sections apart for a more ‘undone look’. This sort of look works wonderfully with hair accessories such as pins and brooches.

Whatever style you choose, make sure it is you. Whether your hair stylist is me, one of my team or someone completely different, you should always be made to feel comfortable enough to explain what you want. Bring images with you to your trial and make tweaks as you go!