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The Do’s and Don’t’s before a hair trial

The do’s before a hair trial. Arrive with clean and dry hair. Every hair stylist is different so always check with your stylist a head of the big day. Personally, I prefer to work with clean hair and add products if the hair needs a little more grip. Other stylists however, may prefer for you

Makeup artist vs DIY

Weddings are expensive and cuts need to be made every now and then, but how do you decide what makes the budget and what doesn’t? Let me help you decide between a makeup artist vs DIY. In my (biased) opinion, I think that having a hair and makeup artist on your day is really important.

Una Healey makeup by Evie Smith

Una Healey Makeup (The Saturdays)

Recently I got asked to do the hair and make-up for Una Healy and her lovely partner for a JD Sports event. The crazy early start time of 6am was made easier by Una being incredibly beautiful and easy to work with. Skincare Firstly, it is important to point out that Una has a great

Spring Time – Liike Magazine

Skin care for all seasons Its almost Spring, which actually means nothing if you live in England. The sun is currently beaming through my window which would lead me to believe that Spring is on its way, but yesterday, I was getting battered by horizontal rain. Taking care of your skin when the conditions vary