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A makeup artists skincare routine

Flatteringly enough, I get a lot of compliments on my skin, so I thought I’d write a little about my makeup artists skincare routine and what I do that hopefully makes it looks like I’m a little more alive than I sometimes feel! First of all – I try to be aware of what I

Makeup artist vs DIY

Weddings are expensive and cuts need to be made every now and then, but how do you decide what makes the budget and what doesn’t? Let me help you decide between a makeup artist vs DIY. In my (biased) opinion, I think that having a hair and makeup artist on your day is really important.

Halloween Makeup

Happy Halloween! Every year, I get asked to do halloween makeup. I must admit I love it and I am surprised by what I can come up with. 2 years ago, I went to a party looking like a dinosaur had mauled my face, last year I went as though I’d been infected, and this

Bridal Makeup Trends – Bath Life

I always recommend that brides get their hair and makeup done for their wedding day. I consider myself good at doing my own makeup, but even I would hire someone in to help get me ready. Having last minute nerves, mixed with shaky hands, does not equal perfectly straight eyeliner. Regardless of whether you are

Ways To Wear Eyeliner Makeup

If theres one make-up product that I always wear, its eyeliner. It can change the way your eyes look, making them bigger, or more defined, or make the whites of your eyes sparkle. Ways to wear eyeliner: Liquid liner Liquid liner is by far the most dramatic of the eyeliners. It can add a lot

The Eyebrow Debate

Eyebrows are such an important feature for our faces and sometimes they go completely overlooked, or, on the other end of the scale, they look a little….caricature. Being fair haired, means that my brows have always disappeared behind my fringe and usually go unnoticed unless I apply a little product, but applying a pencil, a

Christmas Makeup 2015 – Bath Chronicle

Don’t shoot the messenger, but Christmas is coming. On the brightside, this does mean Christmas parties and yet another chance to get dressed up and (hopefully) dine out on the boss’ money! Velvet and cashmere textured foundations are the mother of all foundations at the moment giving a radiant feel that is still reasonably matte.

How to Wear Pink – Dreamingless Magazine

Come on Barbie, lets go party. When I think of pink, I either think of the late 90s now defunct pop band Aqua singing ‘Barbie Girl’ or being five and crying because my mother was trying to force me in to a pretty little pink dress (not happening mother!). This year however, I’m seeing things