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Avante Garde Makeup – Dreamingless Magazine

Avant-garde, meaning advanced guard, is referenced to things that are unique and different in nature.

Avant-garde make-up can be seen on runways, magazine covers and at festivals. It is one of the most creative forms of make-up and can really be anything you’d like, from a glitter frenzy, to feathers stuck to your face or sequins on your fingers. But for those of us that aren’t as brave as to walk down the high street dress head to toe like a glamorous unicorn, there are other, more subtle ways to make a statement through make-up.


GLITTER!!! Apologise to your housemates, husbands, boyfriends, wives and girlfriends in advance, because they’ll be finding this around your house for years to come! Glitter is a great way to be experimental. It doesn’t have to be crazy, try a glitter liquid liner for the top eyelashes, or add some glitter on top of your eyeshadow of the same colour for an added pop.

There are so many different eyeliner colours to choose from nowadays, from pink, to green or blue. Add these to the top and bottom lashes to create a beautiful streak of colour.

Remember coloured mascara from the late 90’s and early 2000’s? Grab a couple of those colours and load up your lashes!

Pick a super bright eyeshadow and apply this all over your lid, up to the crease, then pick a contrasting darker colour to add in to the crease and blend together. My favourites are bright pink on the lid and a deep purple in the crease and lower lashes.


This one is easy, pick your brightest, wildest colour and go nuts. For added pizzazz, add a darker colour to the centre of your lips and blend in to the light colour for an ombre effect.


Recently, a bride of mine asked for something a little more creative for her festival themed wedding. We decided on some blue gems and sequins applied to her temples with some very fine blue dust around them and the lid. This looked great and really completed the entire look of her day.

Why not find different textures to apply with some gentle eyelash glue – but be careful, these contain latex so be cautious of allergies. Try sequins, gems, glitter, liquid liner, or face paints to really make a statement look.

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to avante-garde make-up. Just wear it with confidence and you’ll be surprised by how many people will love your look and ask you how to recreate it!