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Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist – Kin House, Chippenham

Last year I was lucky enough to have been asked to be the wedding hair and makeup artist for Kate at Kin House in Chippenham. It was my first look at this stunning venue and good lord it is nice!

I have seen a lot of beautiful venues in the UK and Europe and I was still blown away by what was inside of Kin House. From the outside, it looks like many other venues in the Cotswolds – which is to say – it looks stunning. But inside they have thought of everything.

The getting ready room

This room is pink. Like, pink. But not in a Barbie way, it’s pink in a tasteful way. There are mirrors everywhere, remote controlled lighting and a coffee machine. Basically everything you need to successfully get yourself ready for your wedding day.

Kate’s makeup

Kate wanted something ever so slightly heavier than I usually get requested for and it was so fun to create a look a little different but still in-line with my ethos of using makeup to enhance and not cover. We opted for a soft smokey eye and a pink lip. Kate and I decided on adding a lovely bronze glow to her skin whilst of course keeping her foundation the exact colour of her skin. I added some Body Shop touch of sun bronzing drops to the foundation to help with this. Please note that it has been discontinued and it’s a touchy subject for me – RIP.

Kates hair

At our trial, I absolutely loved the soft wave that we put into Kates hair in preparation for styling her hair up and so it was nice to give another option for the big day. On the day, we opted for hair up in a sleek bun and it worked perfectly with the style of the entire day.

I’m still eagerly awaiting the professional images but here’s a few snapshots from the big day.