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Wedding hair and makeup artist – Elmore Court

Wedding season is officially here along with the sun and I am loving it! One of my first weddings of wedding season was as a wedding hair and makeup artist at Elmore Court for Alice at the start of May.

Elmore Court is a venue that I perhaps go to every few months and I think it’s so beautiful. It’s great that they have a house on site for everyone to get ready in before moving over to the stunning Elmore Court main venue for the wedding and final touches.

The wedding morning

Alice got ready in the house along with her bridesmaids and mothers on a super sunny Saturday morning.

Driving up the drive first thing in the morning I was greeted by a hare also running up the drive. yes – a hare. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in real life. It was beautiful. Anyway, I digress.

Alice and I were still a little undecided about how we were going to have her hair for the wedding and I could see this was playing on Alice’s mind a little, so we made sure we had plenty of time to make any tweaks or changes she may like. For our trial, Alice opted for a ponytail as we had tried a bun, but it wasn’t the look we were both hoping for. Alice is blessed with thick hair which can sometimes be a challenge for buns so we thought a ponytail would be safer.

We left plenty of time for us to try a few things and we settled on a chic knot bun which I am in love with. I first did it on myself a few years back and I have had it requested quite a few times since. I love how it looks on everyone and if pieces of hair fall out throughout the day, it still looks so pretty.

We kept the makeup natural (of course) but with a little more emphasis around the eyes which is my favourite way of doing things. I like to keep the skin nice and fresh and add a little pop somewhere to make the look a little more special and different from an everyday look.

I think you can agree that she looks STUNNING!!

Elmore Court is probably one of my favourite venues currently so if you ever get married there then BOOK ME BOOK ME BOOK ME.

After the wedding, my assistant Kat and I went to the local pub to grab some chips and went for a little walk along the nearby canal.

To book me for your date, please get in touch 🙂

Stunning professional black and white photo by Albert Palmer