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Destination Wedding Makeup Artist – Bordeaux

I love a destination wedding. Obviously. I get to butcher a different language other than English. I get flown to another country to do the job that I love. Of course, I was so excited to be flown to Bordeaux last month. I was asked to be the destination wedding hair and makeup artist for Georgie and the rest of the bridesmaids at Ch√Ęteau de la Couronne, Marthon, France.

Georgie got in contact as she was looking for natural hair and makeup. Both Georgie and her family wanted to feel like an enhanced version of herself for the big day. Along with her sister and mother, they flew me out to work with them for their brother’s wedding day.

The Big Day

I arrived the day before the wedding, to ensure that I wasn’t rushing around and went to meet them at 9am in the chateau. We’d spoken quite a bit through Instagram and text messages, and both Georgie and her sister sent images of how they would like their hair and makeup on the day, using my Instagram images as the reference images – which is always such a massive compliment.

Destination Wedding Hair And Makeup Artist Tips

Destination weddings in May are always so beautiful. The weather is perfect with just the right ratio of sunshine and heat. As a destination wedding hair and makeup artist, I always have to plan ahead to ensure that the products I bring with me are going to keep the hair and makeup in place well into the night. My favourite products for keeping makeup on are here and here. I find a good setting spray and waterproof mascara are the main products that I need to keep everyone as sweatproof as possible. I should note here that also – sweatproof is not a thing. If it’s hot and you tend to sweat, no amount of primer or setting spray is going to stop that. Also, it’s not very good for you if it does. Our body is designed to sweat to cool itself down. The risk of using sweatproof products regularly includes acne and heat rashes – not what you want.

Anyway, I digress. I absolutely loved getting to spend the morning with Georgie and her family in Bordeaux. It’s been a dream of mine for a while to get to travel with work and this year, I am lucky enough to be a destination wedding hair and makeup artist in France, Geneva, Iceland, Costa Rica and Italy. Lucky lucky me!!

You can read about my last job abroad in beautiful Costa Rica, here.

Evie x

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