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Prepping and Pouting – Bath Chronicle

Lipsticks are my favourite piece of make-up. It can completely make a look and adding  a pop of lip colour to a fresh face really makes a difference. To make a lip colour really stand out from the crowd, its so important to know how to prep your lips first and how to apply it so that it stays all day.

In the winter, it is even more important to take care of your lips to ensure they don’t chap or crack, so I have a couple of my favourite techniques for you to prevent and combat this.

It goes without saying that it is a good idea to invest in a good lip balm. Applying a good moisturiser will keep your lips looking soft and feeling great but sometimes, this isn’t always enough.

Lip scrubs are a great idea and can be easily made at home from brown sugar and olive oil. Very lightly scrub away any dead skin using your fingertips and rinse off. An alternative to this technique can be using a toothbrush with a little coating of vaseline over your lips to give the same effect. I find that the best time to do this is before bed, your lips get drier during the night so coat with a good lip balm and leave over night. My personal favourite is Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream.

Once your lips are prepped and chap free, you are ready to apply your favourite lipstick. If you are applying a matte lipstick, it is best to pop on a little moisturiser just before to help the product glide a little easier.

Its important to use the right brush, especially if you are applying a vibrant colour. Using an angeled lip brush instead of the traditional oval shaped brush is much better and allows you to be much more precise with your application. Start from the centre of your lower lip and brush outwards, using the flat edges of the brush to keep your lines straight. Use the point of the brush to get right in to the corners of your mouth. When applying the lipstick to the top lip, use the shortest side of the brush on the cupids bow, the brush should be at the best angle to ensure you get a nice shape. I find that it is best to apply lipstick in layers and blot in between each one as this will ensure that the colour stays on longer.

If you would like to define your lips a little more, take a lip liner in the same colour  and tighten any lines that need fixing after you have applied the lipstick. If you have a steady hand, apply a little liquid highlighter to the top of the cupids bow to really give an extra lift and add concealer to the areas surrounding your lips to give a clean, flawless finish.