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Makeup to Feel Like a Queen – Dreamingless Magazine

Regal : Of, resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified.

Monarchical? Magnificent? Regal? Me? No.

If you’re anything like me after a special New Year’s Eve, then you too found yourself looking and feeling right at the other end of that noble scale. Never let it be said that beauty starts anywhere but from within, but when those insides have been partying hard over the festive season, you’re left feeling anything but resplendent. With an important appointment or date around the corner, we need to work with what we’ve got to get us back to our majestic best.

Skin prep is absolutely essential; whether suffering from the cold or dehydration, start with a good facial scrub. Not only will this rid you of any dry skin, but the circular rubbing motion will get your circulation going. Be gentle when scrubbing your face, especially around the eye area. Use the palms of your hands on the cheeks, chin and forehead, whilst switching to your fingertips for around the eyes, restoring that sovereign soft feel to your skin.

Putting the moisture back in is essential; use a good serum or moisturiser, paying particular attention to any dry spots. To reduce puffy eyes, try a super cooling caffeine roll-on. For a budget alternative, dip tea bags in water and pop in the fridge. When cold, place them on your eyes for ten minutes or take a nap. A good primer is great as a replacement for foundation or as a base. Look for primers that minimise pores and hydrate the skin, as these can be the most effective and feel great to apply, offering up results the palace would be proud of.

I have recently fallen in love with using a satin finish foundation. They give a beautiful glow to your skin and trick the world in to thinking you feel glorious –  sssh! If you’re prone to oily skin, stick to a matte foundation as satin can make oiliness appear worse. Using a highlighter below the brow bone and along your Cupid’s bow can offer an extra kick of glow if needed. Really buff your chosen foundation into your skin using a big kabuki brush to ensure an even coverage.

Finally, add a pop of colour to your cheeks and lips, a few coats of mascara and you are ready to go; looking like an effortless queen.