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Bristol Fashion Week 2016

I consider myself so lucky when I get invited to events, especially events with freebies and eye candy in the shape of male models. So a few weeks ago, myself and my quite frankly stunning photographer Lucy Rose Tindall were invited to Bristol Fashion week by the lovely team at The Mall in Bristol.

As we step in to spring (I say spring, and its just started snowing outside!), there are beautiful colours appearing on the runway. Gone are the days of heavy eyes and striking 90’s lips (hallelujah) as this season brings a fresher approach to colours.

Whilst I do love a red lip, and I’m sure it will be back yet again for Autumn and Winter, it is so nice to see a beautiful, bright pink lip coming back in to trend this season. Try vibrant pinks or perhaps if you’re not feeling as brave, try using a pink as a lip stain or even applying a little bit of tinted lip balm. Keep eye make-up super soft but slather on layers of mascara for a slightly un-done feel.

One of my favourite trends that has been a fixture for a while is dewy skin. I love the appearance of healthy skin over a matte finish. Skin should be glowing, but not sweaty and healthy but not shiny. Adding a drop of liquid highlighter to your foundation will give a beautiful glow to your skin. Any more than 2 drops and you’re in TinMan territory so be careful!
There are also lots of foundations around at the moment that do give a dewy glow so have a little shop around for your favourite.

An interesting trend coming through this season is switching up the usual black eyeliner for something with more of a kick. A blue eyeliner. Not to be confused with Pat Butcher circa 1986, but more of a deep blue, using a deep blue eyeshadow as an eyeliner will make most eye colours pop and add a bit of summer flare to your look.

Take this look a step further and embrace the rosy cheek. Adding a hint of creme blush to your cheeks will give a soft dewy glow and add a healthy appearance to your skin. Take this on to the apples of your cheeks and slightly up towards the temples then apply a small amount of bronzer just below your cheekbones and on to your temples for a sun kissed glow.