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Heatless Hairstyling – Dreamingless Magazine

The summertime can quite frankly be one of the most difficult times for hairstyling. If you are travelling, one of the last things you want to take with you are hair straighteners or curling tongs. Here are some of my favourite styles to create for festivals, hot climates or if you are just pure lazy like me.

The Braid

Braids are my all time favourite hairstyle to go to for most occasions. They are great for disguising hair that needs to be washed or are perfect for modernising any hair style.

Halo/crown braids are beautiful for hair that is in need of a wash. Halo braids start at one side of the head and follow the hairline all the way around to the other side. They look beautiful as both dutch and french braids.

My favourite braids right now are dutch braids. These are simply a french braid but reversed. So instead of braiding inwards i.e over the top of the hair, you braid under. This will make the braid sit on the top of your head. Once the braid is secured using bands or bobby pins, gently massage the hair so the braid separates a little and begins to look a little fuller.

Braids look especially cute when your hair is parted down the middle. Sprinkle with glitter for added pizzaz if required!

Space Buns

Space buns are a new love of mine. Recently I got asked to do space buns on a magazine shoot and instantly fell in love. Space buns almost look like Mickey Mouse ears, but way cooler, trust me. Part your hair in to two and create two bunches on top of your head. Twist each ponytail separately and wrap in to buns. secure with either bobby pins or clear elastic hairbands. To mix it up a little, instead of twisting the ponytails, you could braid each one and then twist in to a bun.

A Pun

No I didn’t make it up. A pun is a ponytail at the base of your head but when securing it with a hair band, you don’t pull the hair all of the way through the band, you allow it to curl under into a loop and then secure in to place. A variation on this look can also be a messy bun which requires a little back combing and a good texturising powder.


To create heatless waves, it is easiest to prep your hair the night before. My favourite is probably the same trick that you will have used in school; with towel dried hair, create two french braids down either side of your head then sleep on it. Voila, beautiful mermaid hair! For added mermaid, apple some chunky glitter to the roots.

Another, more time consuming technique is to create zulu knots in damn hair. Grab sections of your hair, about an inch and a half wide and twist in to small buns, securing with elastic bands or bobby pins. The smaller the sections, the tighter the curl so be wary of this. Sleep on these overnight and either allow them to fall naturally into big curls or brush them out for a hollywood wave.