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Bridal Makeup Trends – Bath Life

I always recommend that brides get their hair and makeup done for their wedding day. I consider myself good at doing my own makeup, but even I would hire someone in to help get me ready. Having last minute nerves, mixed with shaky hands, does not equal perfectly straight eyeliner.

Regardless of whether you are great at doing your own makeup, it is just so much better to have a makeup artist assist you on the day. They will have tricks for keeping the makeup looking fresh, as well as how to layer properly and what will look great for the cameras. Not to mention, creating a kiss proof pout that will last the day!

Tips for Creating Bridal Makeup

Personally, I think that makeup should look fresh, dewy and definitely not matte. Having matte foundation can make your face look very flat and without dimensions. If it is oily skin that you are worried about then investing in a good oil control moisturiser and primer will be a great idea.

Skin should without a doubt, look like skin. The way I create a dewy looks is by layering products gradually, for longevity and subtleness.

Firstly, I will cleanse the skin with a micellar water. my favourite at the moment is ‘Avene, Cleanance’. Then I will spritz ‘Caudalie, Beauty Elixir’ from about an arms distance away and all this to absorb in to the skin. This also smells amazing and it great for making you relax. Depending on your skin type, I will then either use an anti-redness moisturiser such as Avene, or an oil control, such as Mac Oil Control Moisturiser. If you have combination skin, you can apply different moisturisers in your problem areas.

Allow all of these to soak in and then proceed with your favourite primer. It’s important to all primer to set so once you have applied it, its a great idea to start working on your eye makeup.

Products to Avoid

Having so many cameras on you, you need to make sure that your makeup is photo ready. This means being really careful about what products you use. Some can interfere with the photographers flash and others can look fairly bad with a phone camera flash.

One of my most important products to avoid on the day is anything with a high SPF and a matte finish. In particular, Estée Lauder’s Double Wear. It can look nice if bronzer is applied on top, however when a camera flash is around, it can make the face look a little pink or ashy, compared to the rest of the body.

Foundation Tip

We have a tendency to put foundation all over our faces, when in reality, there is a rarely a need for a full coverage look. I always concentrate foundation on the problem areas, such as the chin, forehead and under eyes. i like to leave the nose area as bare as possible, therefore creating the illusion that no foundation is applied.

False Lashes

My personal preference is individual, one day, temporary lashes. They are natural looking but can be built up to add more depth and drama if you require. Im not a huge fan of strip lashes. If you have a situation where the lash comes away at the edge from your eye, you need to take the lash off (unless you have more glue) and more than likely, your eyeliner and a section of your eyeshadow will come off with it. If you lose one individual lash, no one will notice.

Setting The Eyeshadow In Place

To help set eyeshadow in to place, I highly recommend ‘Smashbox 24 hour eye primer’. This product is practically bullet proof. Just make sure that you are happy with your eyeshadow choices first because once the primer is on, it is difficult to shift!

Once you are happy with your entire makeup, a setting spray is a great way to literally set your makeup in to place. This will help keep your makeup where it should be if you sweat or cry. I love ‘Makeup Forever Fix n’ Mist’. Spray at an arms distance all over your face and voila, you are ready to get married!