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Makeup Artist vs DIY

Weddings are expensive and cuts need to be made every now and then, but how do you decide what makes the budget and what doesn’t? Let me help you decide between a makeup artist vs DIY.

In my (biased) opinion, I think that having a hair and makeup artist on your day is really important. I also think that you should spend money on a great photographer, music and BOOZE – but again, I’m biased. Don’t judge me. I just really love red wine.

I think the importance of a hair and makeup artist goes beyond making you feel the best you could possibly feel. A makeup artist becomes your friend, someone you can rely on. Someone who can handle pressure, time constraints, your mother or that one friend who just won’t quit. We become the person who will gossip with you or tell you a joke. (I’m Queen of bad dad jokes and poor humour!). We’ll be the ones to remember to remove your flowers from their water before you hold it. We remind you to crack the Prosecco. I’m also pretty handy when it comes to buttoning up your dress. So if you have a crochet hook and need me, I’m there.

Sure, we want you to look your best and we will make sure that happens, but we will also be there for you until you’re ready to go.

For some of you, makeup will be the thing that you want to do yourself. I also think this is a fine idea, you are probably great at it. Just make sure that you have plenty of practice and realise that it will be different on the day. That eyeliner that you are insanely good at, may not go the way you want on the day when your nerves kick in. Have a friend there who can help you if necessary.

A huge plus for getting a makeup artist and hair stylist in is that you will get pampered. Trust me. A few weeks ago I had a client utter the sentence ‘ I have no idea what you are doing but I’m loving every minute of it’. I was applying a moisturiser – I just have the hands of God 😉

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