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The Benefit Of Makeup Free Days On Your Skin

I know that I am a makeup artist and I should really promote how great makeup is, however, I think that having makeup free days are really really great.

Makeup free days – Benefit 1:

It allows your skin to breathe – we’ve all heard this but its really true. We have pores for a reason. They shouldn’t be covered. They are designed to allow our skin to breathe so having makeup free days are so important to prevent makeup congestion on our skin.

Makeup free days – Benefit 2:

Another benefit of makeup free days – it helps us to get comfortable with who we really are. Let’s face it – none of us are 100% happy with the way we look. I can’t help but wonder whether that is because as humans, we are so used to seeing ourselves with makeup on than without it. If you think about it, men or non-makeup wearers don’t have this. Having some days without makeup allows us to get to know ourselves a little better and create a new normal for how we look.

Coming from someone who has had severe body and facial hang ups, let me tell you – its awful at the start, but it really does help.

Makeup free days – Benefit 3:

You’ll save yourself a bit of money. OK not much, but every little helps and all that.

Makeup free days – Benefit 4:

You’ll also save yourself some time. Some of us are fairly quick at doing our makeup and it will only take 10 minutes. Others take 30 minutes to an hour. Use that time to learn a new language, start a new book or chat to someone (crazy hey?!)

In short, I – of course, love makeup. I just think that’s its a good idea to have a day off every once in a while. Try it 🙂 Just don’t forget to follow a good skincare routine too. Like this one here.

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