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5 Of The Best Vegan And Cruelty Free Mascaras

Are you looking to make a shift in your makeup kit and are heading towards more vegan and cruelty free makeup? Then you’re in luck! I have been busy during the lockdown trying out some great (and truly awful) vegan and cruelty free mascaras. Read on to see 5 of the best vegan and cruelty free mascaras.

I have been trying to find a great vegan and cruelty free mascara for the past year and it has been so difficult! Some of them are cruelty free but not vegan, some are insanely expensive, some are just downright terrible and some feel as though they forgot to put the product in the tube. So I’ve taken the leg work out for you and created my top 5 best vegan and cruelty free mascaras.

1. Too Faced – Better than sex.

I really like Too Faced. Their eyeshadows are great and their foundations are good if you are looking for a little more coverage. I held off on buying this one for a while as while it’s not too expensive, I wanted to find a middle of the road price to justify having to buy it every 3 months, but alas, I couldn’t find one. This one is great for curling and thickness and I found that I didn’t need to apply loads of coats. Winner! You can grab it from Cult Beauty here.

2. Tarte – Lights, camera, lashes.

I’m fairly new to using Tarte. I bought a few of their eyeshadow palettes at the beginning of the year and I actually really love them. I love the packaging and the design. The boxes and the actual product have no plastic which is always a plus too. The design of this mascara is great too and I don’t spend ages rummaging for it in my makeup bag. It does everything that I want it to – lengthens, thickens, curls and conditions and it’s a little cheaper that the Too Faced one. They could be joint first really! Check it out here.

3. E.L.F – Mineral infused mascara

I have actually just bought this one for my kit. This mascara is so cheap but you wouldn’t really know it considering that I tried a BarryM vegan mascara last week and it may be the worst mascara I have ever used!). Considering the bargain price, you can’t really complain. Grab it here.

4. Blinc Mascara

This mascara is only available in the US, however I’ve managed to find it on Amazon – yay! Blinc have developed a mascara that doesn’t actually paint your lashes – it forms tubes around them – ooer. With this is mind, you don’t need a makeup remover to get it off. Just simply put warm water on your lashes, apply pressure and the tubes will come off.

5. Lavera mascara – Powerful Lashes

I actually bought this mascara in the health food shop near my house after a model recommended it to me and it’s really quite lovely. It’s fairly natural looking and has a lot less chemicals in it that the majority of other mascaras so it’s a tick in the win column from me.

Waterproof – Too Faced Better Than Sex.

As I’m sure you all know – the majority of my makeup life is based around weddings and so I have found my favourite vegan waterproof mascara – it’s this one. It’s really hard to find a good waterproof mascara so if you are going to invest in one product for yourself for your wedding day, I think it should be this. I’m an absolute convert and it’s only £12.

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Evie x