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Ethical Beauty – Wedding Preparation

Holy Moly – weddings are hopefully starting back up again soon. Can you believe it? I always get asked for my tips on skincare in the lead up to wedding days. Below are a few of my tips for ethical beauty and wellbeing tips in preparation for your wedding.


Bet you didn’t see that one coming? Over the past 12 months, I’ve been big on the zen – I think that I spent the first few weeks looking at the TV in disbelief and shock lines have stuck around on my face. So, in an effort to flatten them back out (and for peace of mind) I’ve been meditating every morning. Usually at around 6am, I’m aware that makes a lot of people shudder. But honestly, anytime will do. I just prefer it when the sun is down. Some good apps to try are here and here. This second one is only for iPhone but it’s coming to Android soon. I’m not a huge fan of this one, but it’s popular and a bunch of other people love it, so it’s worth a shot. I meditate by lighting candles or using an essential oil with a tea light – whichever works for you. I enjoy having a ‘warm’ smell while I’m meditating. – I’m currently burning this one.

Face and body massage

Another lockdown development. I purchased a jade roller to iron out the wrinkles if the flattening from step one hasn’t worked. They’re pretty cheap and great for under the eyes as it’s quite cold so will help with any puffiness. After this, I will use a facial oil such as this one and gently massage my face, scalp and neck. Before showering (if I have time) I massage my body with coconut oil. Ensure that you are massaging in the direction of your hairs and in circular motions at your palms and joints.

At home steam facial

I started doing facials at home over the summer. The rose bush in my garden was getting out of hand so I decided to take some of the petals and boil them. After a little research, I saw that I wasn’t going nuts and that this is actually something other people do. Simply boil and bunch of petals – I used rose as for me, it’s the best, but chamomile and lavender are also great. Drop in a few drops of essential oils – I use lavender, then place your head over the bowl. Make sure that you keep your distance so that you don’t burn. Do this for 5 minutes, dry your face and spritz with cool water or a rose toner.

Hopefully these little tips on ethical beauty will help you to stay a little calmer in the lead up to your wedding, but if not, reach out, you can find me here and here.