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A Little About Me


What a year. I’m very lucky to be fully booked for weekend weddings this year and 75% full for next year – yippee!

I just wanted to take the time to write a little about myself and my style so that you can feel confident in who/what you are signing up for.

I’m Evie. Actually, that’s a total lie right off the bat. My full name is Elizabeth Victoria, but 9 years ago, I had a bit of an identity crisis, moved to California, changed my name to Evie (my initials – EV), and felt completely me after 20 odd years on this planet.

I am, of course, a hair and makeup artist. I love it. Again, after years of trying to fit the mould of glam/insta/full coverage makeup and structured hairstyles, I realised that the messy human I am would never get booked for this type of makeup. Quite frankly, I suck at that type of makeup and hair so it all worked out really! I love natural (skin that looks like skin and an emphasis on the eyes and lips) makeup. My kit consists of light to medium coverage foundations and some heavier concealers for blemish concealing. From me, you can expect an enhancement of your natural beauty but you will still be able to see your pores and fine lines – these are natural and everyone has them, even celebrities. Spots are concealed but there will never be any full contour and sculpting. I like a natural highlight and a slight shading but I will never attempt to change anyone’s face. I have worked hard to accept myself, ‘flaws’ included and I strongly believe that makeup that attempts to hide who you are is detrimental to our mental health (speaking as a Body Dysmorphia gal).

My hairstyles are fairly unstructured. I like texture and an effortless vibe to hairstyles. I think they compliment most dresses and humans. Hairstyles are secure and won’t move throughout the day but you will also have a nice relaxed style that doesn’t hurt your head.

From your trial to the wedding, you can expect bad jokes and a fairly in-depth chat about our lives. I’m sorry in advance, I can’t help it. I love talking and learning about people.

Speaking of learning, I’m fairly bad at French and Spanish but I’ve been having lessons for a few years now and I really love it. I really enjoy writing in my spare time, and I’m currently writing a book (there’s no way of writing that without sounding like an a@#hole in my own head).

I do really have limited availability for next year so get in touch if you’re looking to book me 🙂

oh and you can see some of my work here.