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What Is Bridal Makeup?

Bridal makeup can be whatever you want it to be. Ok?

Cool. Short blog post 😉

All joking aside, it’s come to my attention recently that brides are sometimes told that they need to have bridal makeup for their big day. But what exactly does that mean?

For me (and a lot of others), bridal makeup should be about enhancing your natural beauty. This can of course be by using very natural makeup or with a heavier eye—your choice.

A lot of us confuse natural makeup with neutral makeup. They can be interchangeable of course, but it’s important to let your makeup artist know which style you mean. Pinterest is beneficial for this. Kim Kardashian uses neutral makeup – think earthy browns and neutrals, but, it isn’t at all natural. Trust me. I’ve seen it in person.

If you are thinking of having classic makeup, this tends to be more towards the neutral end of the pallette. If you are thinking of having a makeup look that isn’t necessarily using these colours, it’s a good idea to let your artist know ahead of time so that they can make sure they have the right kit for the job.

But really, your bridal makeup can be whatever you want it to be. If you want blue eyeshadow – go for it. If you want glitter lips – do it!

You are the bride and this is your makeup – therefore, whatever you choose is bridal makeup!

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Evie x

Professional model with makeup by Bristol makeup artist Evie Smith.