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How To Get The No-makeup Look

No makeup makeup is one of my favourite looks to create when I’m on shoots. It looks effortless and fresh and youthful, but a lot of time and effort goes into creating a no-makeup look. Read on to find out more.

Most of my clients for photoshoots ask me to create a natural makeup look. This, in reality would mean a soft wash of colour on the eyes, a nice fresh blush, perfect brows and a subtle lip colour. This is great and creates a healthy, almost natural look. Sometimes though, I am asked to create a very natural look. This week, I was lucky enough to be asked to do the hair and makeup for Susanne Kauffman. The Austrian brand is built upon sustainable products and a lean towards natural beauty and so this was perfect for me to get involved with.

The Prep

For a very natural look, skin prep is vital. This isn’t just for the day. Skin prep for a no-makeup look needs to be consistent in the weeks leading up to your big day. This means – making sure you are drinking enough water, ensuring that you are getting your makeup off properly at the end of the day – preferably with a double cleanse, using a good moisturiser and eye cream and the most important step – wearing a high SPF every day. Yes, even today when it is currently snowing.

On the day of the shoot, my model already had done a lot of prep. Bliss (the model for the day) let me know that every night she uses a night cream, eye cream and my favourite step for day or evening – a facial oil. I currently love this one but any oil will work. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the chia seed oil by The Ordinary….I found it too…oily. A little too greasy on the skin and hard to work with.

I used Elf Holy hydration moisturiser, followed by Avene eye cream and a spritz of rose water from Mario Badescu.

The Makeup

Of course, for a skincare shoot, the makeup needs to be fairly non-existent. Or at least, appear to be. The photographer was using a macro lens, meaning that every single thing will show up on the camera. I used a very faint eyebrow pencil that we had to take off because you could see it.

This sort of makeup look can only work for a skincare brand if the model has really great skin. In everyday life, you will be able to see the makeup and any ‘imperfections’ that you may have.

For the foundation, I used Charlotte Tilbury wonderglow primer. It is a very soft golden colour that is light-reflecting to give a youthful glow. For the foundation, I used a makeup artist palette by RCMA which has a multitude of shades in it. I recommend something along the lines of a tinted moisturiser such as this one by Lottie London.

I used a peach cream blush by Glossier. You really only need a little amount of this product and really blend in to give a flushed, healthy finish.

For brows, of course, as I said, I used a brow powder that we then took off and I simply brushed through the brows without any product.

I used a very small amount of my trusty Elf waterproof mascara for slight definition but nothing too dramatic. For eyeshadow, I added the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow and then added a Lottie London lip oil.

The Shoot

For the shoot, the only thing I used throughout the day was the rosehip oil, gently pressed on the face to give a beautiful glow. This kept Bliss’s skin hydrated and glowy throughout the day.

Check out my signature look on my portfolio.

Professional model with hair and makeup by Bristol makeup artist Evie Smith.