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Destination Wedding Hair And Makeup Artist – Masseria Potenti, Puglia

I try not to bang on too much about how lucky I am to be a destination wedding hair and makeup artist. But I am. I was flown out to Puglia again a few months ago for Tarryn’s wedding at Masseria Potenti, near Taranto.

Tarryn was flying with her family from Australia. We only had time to do the trial the day before the wedding. I’ll stress that this is fine for me – I leave plenty of time to make sure everything is perfect and that you are happy. Makeup is not set in stone and if you want any tweaks, we can tweak 🙂

I arrived at Masseria Potenti the day before Tarryns destination wedding so that we could do a trial. Tarryn also had an evening party to get ready for. For this, we wanted the makeup and hair to be slightly different to her big day look. We opted for her hair to be up and the makeup to be slightly more dramatic. With it being an evening ceremony we felt that we could add a little more drama and luckily, the heat wasn’t beating down too much by the time the evening rolled around.

The big day

The morning of the wedding, there were quite a few people to get through, but, thanks to the later start times of Italian weddings, this meant that I didn’t have such a brutal wake-up call. That is definitely one of the perks of being a destination wedding hair and makeup artist.

As we styled Tarryns in an updo for the evening party, we decided on a very relaxed down hairstyle for the daytime to complement the V-shaped neckline of her beautiful dress. Tarryn has beautiful olive skin with dark hair and features so we were able to go a little heavier with the eye makeup. As always with me, it’s important to keep the skin looking fresh so as usual, I opted for minimal foundation with extra on any areas that either Tarryn or I decided needed a little heavier coverage.

The day after

it was a flying visit for me as I had to get back to the UK for another wedding a few days later so I didn’t get to see many sights this time around, but I was lucky enough to head to the beach near Taranto and grab some vegan gelato from my favourite place in Polignano a mare.

I’m off to Italy again a few times next year and I can’t wait to visit more wedding venues out there.

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