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Makeup For Hair Loss – Bath Chronicle

When it comes to makeup, I hear various examples of what it means to apply it. From; people obviously don’t feel happy with the way they look, so they wear makeup. To: I wear it to cover up my dark circles. But how about, ‘I’m going through treatment and I need to feel like me again’, or ‘I want to wake up and still feel gorgeous even though I’m hurting’.

Recently there has been a lot of emphasis on how superficial it can be to wear makeup, or how some apply it too heavy, but maybe we should be focusing on how great it can make a person feel, even in their darkest days.
I have compiled my top tips for giving the illusion of lashes, brows and how to put the colour back in your cheeks when you are feeling low.


Giving the appearance of eye brows can be relatively easy once you get the hang of it. Opt for eyebrow powders or eyeshadows instead of pencils as these can be a lot softer. Choose a colour that is a shade or two darker than your natural hair colour, or better still, if you have some brows already, pop to a department store and get an exact match for your colouring.

It’s best to practice with an ultra-thin brush. This will be able to mimic your natural hairs. Rest your elbow on a table and have a mirror directly in front of you. Study your face to see where your natural brows should be and where your brow bone is, this is where to start applying the product.
Use a sweeping motion working from the inner corner outwards using fine strokes, gradually getting thinner towards the outside, and remembering to create a natural arch. This will look the most natural and the least like the dreaded ‘scouse brow’.


Eyelashes can give your eyes definition so if you have a lost them, this can have an impact on your appearance. Getting eyeliner right can take a lot of practice, but persevere. You will get it right!

There are a few options when it comes to choosing the right product:


This can be used as an eyeliner and is great if you want a super soft look. Apply with an angled brush to the lid of your upper lashes. This will add soft definition, which is great for a day look. These tend not to last as long as gels or liquids but are great if you are a newbie.
Eyeliner pencil: Pencils are a little longer lasting than eyeshadows and again, are softer than liquid. Be sure to use a soft pencil as the eye area is so delicate. Pencils come in some great colours so why not experiment with purple, green or blue?

Gels and liquids

These are the hardest to apply but last the longest and look the most striking. When applying gel, use an angled brush and put a small amount of the gel on to it. Apply with small strokes and work swiftly as the gel dries pretty quickly. Remember to put the lid back on when you are done to keep the product fresh. Liquids usually come with a brush supplied so make use of this. Liquid liners take a little longer to dry so be careful not to smudge over your eye!
False Eyelashes: These can be very difficult to apply, especially when you have little or no lashes. The glue is more likely to get in to your eyes and when removing them, it is possibly that they will pull out your remaining lashes. If you are going through any cancer treatments, they can cause skin sensitivity so please check with your Doctors before using. However, I do not recommend using them when there are other, safer options.


These are fabulous for really putting the colour back in to your cheeks. Pink colour blush is great for paler skin tones as this is the colour your will probably flush naturally. For medium skin tones, try apricot shades or soft berry tones. For darker skin tones, opt for warm deep tones such a deep terracotta, anything cool toned will make your skin look ashy.

If you are unsure of what shade to go for, peach is always a fail-safe and looks great on everyone.

With all products, check with your specialist nurse or doctor to ensure they are safe to use if you are undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. It can be hard to come to terms with hair loss, but try to take this as an opportunity to get creative; try a fabulous new wig in a colour you’ve always been afraid to try, or buy a crazy brow pencil, you never know, you may just love it.