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Wedding Morning Tips

Wedding planning can be super exciting…and stressful…and overwhelming…and fun…and lots of other emotions. We plan the lead-up to the wedding day, the ceremony and the reception, but sometimes the overlooked part is the morning of your wedding. Here’s where professionals come in with their wedding morning tips.

It’s important for me and for you, that your wedding morning is a relaxing experience. In the lead-up to your wedding, I will send over a schedule of how I would like the morning to look from my end. I always always always leave plenty of time to make sure everyone is done and there’s time for photos and the billion interruptions you will have in the morning.

Getting ready room

For me (and all makeup artists in fact), the getting ready room is one of the most important things. sure, some of us bring lighting with us but natural lighting is always best. Natural lighting will ensure that you look exactly the same all day with no adjustments needed. This is also really important for your photographer. No one and I mean no one, looks good under an orange light coming from the ceiling.

Another important requisite for the day is a table to work from. This needs to be a fairly decent size. Think along the lines of a dressing table or dining table. Side tables won’t work and neither will beds. I’m a clumbsy person and I live in fear that I will drop a foundation on your mums favourite bedding or my curling irons will roll and around and burn holes in things.


Timings such as hair and makeup should be left to the professionals. We know how long it will take us to get everyone ready and we always leave plenty of time to set up and an additonal buffer time. I usually leave around an hours buffer during the getting ready morning and I always like to have everyone finished by. But, it is defintely always worth scheduling in time to eat and I’m sure your stylists would appreciate a break (and a tea) and please let your artist know if there is any travel time that morning, such as needing to move venues half way through the morning or travelling from your getting ready location to the church etc.


Usually, I will leave lipstick until i have completed everyones hair and makeup. I do this so you can get on with your morning of eating and drinking and brushing your teeth without having to worry about ruining your lips. A little note on this also – please brush your teeth before you sit in the makeup chair 😉

Getting dressed

Have everything in one place. Your photographer, if they are arriving to take any snaps of you getting ready, will more than likely want to photograph items such as wedding jewellery and shoes. It’s good to have these all ready to go so that it doesn’t interrupt your getting ready time, finding these things for your photographer. Make sure everything you are wearing is also steamed. On that note, invest in a steamer. Don’t rely on the steam from a shower to help. I’ve never seen it work.

Have a think about what you want to wear on your wedding morning. You may end up having photos in these clothes so something that you like is good. Also think about how easy the top is to get off without ruining your hair and makeup. Button down shirts are a great idea. Take anything off that may leave a mark, early on in the morning. Items like socks, bras/hair bands on wrists and watches are all culprits of making you look like you’ve been severed.

I hope this helps 🙂

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