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How to Wear Pink – Dreamingless Magazine

Come on Barbie, lets go party.

When I think of pink, I either think of the late 90s now defunct pop band Aqua singing ‘Barbie Girl’ or being five and crying because my mother was trying to force me in to a pretty little pink dress (not happening mother!).

This year however, I’m seeing things differently. The fashion world has been awash with pink for the past few months and it seems as though that isn’t changing for the winter seasons either. Its easy to want to reach for the darker colours in the rainy and windy seasons, but why not try going against the grain and brighten up the cold, wintery days.

It’s important to pick the correct shade for your colouring. I am quite fair skinned so choosing a pale pink colour will wash me out, a darker shade will be best for me. If you have darker colouring then try out some paler colours such as seashell or candyfloss.

There are so many ways to wear the colour pink. If you’re a lot braver than I am, then put some pink through your hair in either highlight form, a pink wash of colour or all out bright pink over your whole head. It’s such an easy colour to wear and there really is a shade for everyone.

Invest in a cream blush and this can even triple up as a lip colour and an eyeshadow. Stick to the softer shades if you are paler and add definition with bronzers and other darker colours. Cream blush is best applied with your fingers as the heat from your hands can warm the product and make it easy to apply.
Don’t go overboard with the pink, no one want to be dressed all in one colour! Kick it up a notch and add a pop of red on to your lips or mint green in the clothing to break it up a little. Have fun and mix it with blacks and other darker colours and suddenly, pink isn’t so girly anymore.