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Harvey Nichols Makeup Masterclass

One of the things that I love about Bristol is how much this beautiful city has to offer. In March I was lucky enough to be invited Harvey Nichols to attend one of their make-up masterclasses.

Masterclasses are great for any make-up artist or anyone looking to keep up to date with trends and techniques so this was the perfect opportunity for me and my photographer Lucy Rose Tindall to test out some new products and have a glass (or 2) of complimentary Prosecco.

We were greeted by Stephanie and Courtney from Beyond Beauty who took us through the basics:

To create a flawless base, it is important to start with flawless (or as close as we can get) skin. To achieve this, it is a ideal to start with a good cleansing lotion to get rid of any left over make-up or dirt from the day.

Applying a serum, such as Vichy Lift Active Serum 10 will be perfect for a quick boost of hydration and added nutrients that moisturiser usually don’t contain. Allow this to sink in to the skin for a few moments before applying a moisturiser.

If your skin is especially dry then pay careful attention to what type of foundations you use. A full coverage cream or liquid will cling to your dry skin and make the base look patchy. Remember that foundation is designed to even out skin tone, not create a mask, so in this case, less is always more. If your skin does tend to suffer with being particularly dry, it is a good idea to use a sponge and press the product on to your skin, rather than brushing it on.

We have a tendency to over apply concealer when it is not always needed. Apply your concealer after your foundation so that you can really see which areas need any extra coverage. Take a small brush and apply the product only to the areas or blemishes that need covering, not the surrounding areas. Next, take a fluffy buffing brush and really buff the product in to the skin and set with a translucent powder.

To create perfect under eye concealer, adopt the triangle method. This method will not only cover dark circles but will also give the illusion of a fuller face and will draw attention towards the eyes.

To do this; create a triangle underneath your eyes, with the base closest to your lashes and the point towards your cheek.