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There’s a rumour that everyone has a gorgeous glow post-workout. Do you get it? No, me either, I’m sweaty and red and every bit how you’d expect of someone post-workout. Nevertheless, its a thing and its all the rage and here’s how to get it:

So the aim of the game here is to get naturally radiant and glowing skin, without looking sweaty or too red in the face. A super light foundation will be your friend here. Try using a BB Cream or an ultra lightweight foundation such as MAC Face and Body. Only apply it to areas where coverage is actually needed, for example around your nose, chin or forehead. To add some dewiness to it, mix a drop or two of liquid highlighter in to the foundation (only a drop or two, you are not the tin man). Blend on to your skin with your fingers for a light, flawless coverage.

Cream blush is the best way to get a natural dewy look to your skin. Both Clinique and MAC do some great ones so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your skin tone. Be very light handed with this product as you can easily cover overboard. Apply a small amount with your fingers to the apples of your cheeks and out towards the ears a little. This will give a naturally flushed look that isn’t overpowering.

For eyeshadow, try an eyeshadow crayon. Tom Ford do some fairly bullet proof, non budging colours that are great for staying power. Keep them fairly neutral in colour and team with a few soft lashings of mascara.

I’m a massive fan of lipstick. Instead of applying the lip colour straight for the bullet, put a little on your index finger and gently pat on to your lips. You can add a touch of lip balm over the top to give a healthy gloss to your lips.

If you find that you are looking a little on the shiny side, add a little translucent powder. Only apply this to your t-zone to stop shine. Trust me, its a fine line. A good tip is to press the powder on to your skin with either a powder puff or a foundation brush. Pressing instead of brushing will keep all of the make-up in tact and looking flawless.

Or of course you could go to the gym and try to recreate your very own real life dewy post work-out look, but who are we kidding. I’d rather have a glass of wine and pretend, the real look will never look sexy on me anyway.