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Makeup For the Gym

I am a massive lover of makeup. I am a massive fan of the gym and keeping fit. I am not a massive fan of wearing a full face of makeup and then going to the gym. However, I know that going to the gym in your lunch break sometimes means that you may have to.

Gym Makeup Do’s

Keep it light. Its best to be as minimal as possible when it comes to coverage. You definitely do not want to be sweating off foundation, or getting it trapped in your pores. Perhaps opt for a loose powder instead of liquid or cream. Good powders can still give a great coverage but be light enough that it doesn’t run down your face.

Invest in blotting paper. These are great for absorbing any oil and sweat on your skin. Just gently pat these on your skin, especially your t-zone to get rid of any shininess.
Choose waterproof mascara. Obviously. Nobody wants sweaty mascara residue running down their faces during or post workout. There are some great ones on the market to suit all budgets. Go easy on the layers, keep it subtle and crank it up a notch once you leave.
Try a tinted lip balm. These are great on a day to day basis regardless of where you are. They will keep you lips soft and hydrated but will still add a nice pop of colour.
If you have a to wear a liquid foundation, opt for a tinted moisturiser or BB cream.

Gym Makeup Dont’s

Avoid wearing blush if you can, trust me, if you’ve had a good workout you will be flushing a little anyway, and a natural flush is nearly always better than a fake one.
Smokey eyes, red/pink lipstick, false lashes or heavy eyeliner will be a massive mistake as your towel will be wearing it better than you will be. Not to mention getting any of these products in your eye mixed with sweat will be a tad painful.
Don’t wear it unless you really feel like you have to. Wearing makeup when you are working out isn’t great for you. Foundation can block your pores and clog them which isn’t ideal, its much better to let your skin breathe.

Avoid oil based products. Mixing oil and sweat will be the worst idea. It will run all over your face and definitely make you look and feel worse than you would have going bare faced. Personally, I would suggest taking your makeup off before you go to the gym and reapplying it afterwards, you’ll feel fresher, look fresher and your skin will thank you for it.