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Ways To Wear Eyeliner Makeup

If theres one make-up product that I always wear, its eyeliner. It can change the way your eyes look, making them bigger, or more defined, or make the whites of your eyes sparkle.

Ways to wear eyeliner:

Liquid liner

Liquid liner is by far the most dramatic of the eyeliners. It can add a lot of definition to the lashes and eyes by making the lashes look thicker. The great thing about liquid liner is that you can be quite experimental with it, elongating the line outwards and towards the brow bone or temple can change the shape of the eyes, making them appear wider and bigger. This of course is the least natural looking of all of the liners but this also means that you can have as much fun as you’d like with it.

Pencil liner – outer lashes

Pencils are much softer and are great for daytime looks or for something a little less dramatic. To make your eyes look wider, it is a great idea to just line to top lashes, applying it just to the outer half. To soften the look, take a cotton bud and smudge the line out to create a little smokey effect. If you eyes are wide set, lining the entire upper line will give the illusion of them being closer together.

Pencil Liner – Waterline

Something I hear regularly is that men and women like to wear eyeliner on their waterline to make their eyes look bigger. This is a myth. Any dark colours will make your eyes appear smaller. What is actually happening is the dark colours will make the whites of your eyes appear whiter and therefore make them stand out more. This looks great with a smokey eye or blended out, can look fantastic on its own.

When lining the waterline, make sure your hands are clean and the pencil is free of any debris. Warm the pencil on the back of your hand to soften it before placing it on your waterline.

Gel liner

This is one of my favourite products for adding definition to the eyes. Using a brush, you can apply lines either thick or thin, smudge it out for a softer look or add wings to elongate the eyes. Gel liner is also great on the waterline and is great for staying put. A lot of brands make waterproof gel eyeliner so this is especially good for the waterline or a big event such as a wedding day.


For a softer approach, an eyeshadow is great. You can apply a little to the very root of the lashes. This will make them appear thicker and fuller. You can also take the shadow to the outer corners and slightly up to the brow bone. This will lift the eye and make them appear wider.

Experiment with the colours, purples, blues, browns and greens always make the eyes pop when teamed with lashings of mascara.