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Important tips to know before your wedding day!

Makeup is definitely not for everyone and therefore not everyone wants/needs/or has to wear it. However, if you are considering wearing a little (or a lot) for your wedding day, here are some tips I have picked up along the way.

Book a makeup artist early:

Most of the more experienced artists tend to get booked up a year in advance if you have a popular wedding date, so make sure to get in there early and secure them for your big day.
Be prepared to show your artist images that you have seen that you both like and don’t. Also, please bear in mind that the images you will likely see have usually been heavily retouched, so keep these images as a rough guide but trust your artist to know what will suit you best.

You may not find the right makeup artist straight away:

There are so many of us around and you may find after your trial that you were not a perfect fit. That is totally fine. Makeup is so personal and you may leave a trial feeling that you didn’t get what you had envisioned. Makeup artists will not take it personally that they didn’t get it right the first time. Bear in mind that it is the first meeting and trials are for tweaks, have as many trials as you need. I offer a second trial discounted or free if needed just to make sure that we get it right. The important thing is that you feel comfortable enough to say. If you feel that you need to look for another artist, there are so many around, you will find a perfect fit for your wedding day.

Head for a look that is similar to your everyday/night look:

The statement future brides usually say is ‘I want to look the best version of myself’. With this in mind, for me personally, I prefer brides to arrive to their with their makeup how they usually do their makeup. This way we can see how thick you usually do your eyeliner or brows and how much foundation you usually wear. Everyones idea of natural is totally different so its great to get to grips with how you do your makeup on a regular basis.

Of course you want to look different to how you do your own makeup, a little more special with a touch more longevity to the style. However, it is important to now stray too far away from your usual vibe, you may look back at your wedding images and not recognise the woman staring back at you!

Layer products and blend:

It’s easy to think that applying foundation heavier will make the products last longer on your skin but that simply isn’t the case. A thin layer of foundation is all you need, especially if you tend to get oily throughout the day. Heavier applications will suffocate your skin and create a patchy texture halfway through the day. Apply skincare, allow to soak in, add a primer if needed (note: primer is only needed if the foundation is not silicone based (which most are) or if you have large pores, in which case, use a pore minimising primer) and then apply foundation. Use a heavier consistency concealer and powder only in areas where you may crease or get oily, such as under the eyes or the t-zone. Finish with a good setting spray.

Soft and neutral or Hollywood/smokey:

There are so many different combinations of makeup you can wear for your big day; heavy eyes, soft lips, strong lips, soft eyes. Liner/no liner. Glowy/Matte. It can all get so overwhelming. Again, look for images of people with a similar complexion to yours and with a similar style. Listen to your makeup artists opinion as well as friends and family, but ultimately, trust your gut. If you feel the makeup is too heavy or too soft but everyone is telling you otherwise, remember that ultimately it is your wedding day and your face. Take the opinions on board but in the end, yours is the only one that counts – unless you want heavy eyebrows, vintage liner and a gothic lip and this will be the first time ever wearing makeup, then maybe listen to your peers 😉

Have an ’emergency kit’:

It’s always good to have a little kit to top up with throughout the day. Even the best makeup artists wont always be able to make your makeup stay put all day. Skin varies from day to day along with weather conditions and the temperature of your own skin, how often you touch it and how often others do: remember you will spend most of your day having your cheeks kissed.
With that in mind its a good idea to buy a little SOS kit full of products such as the lipstick that was used by your artist, some blotting paper and mascara.