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What To Expect From Me As Your Makeup Artist

Picking a Makeup Artist

What to expect from a makeup artist? The obvious of course being that they create a look for you that you are happy with. Without question, that is the main focus of the day; that your hair and makeup are exactly how you imagined it would look – which will of course happen.

For me though, its about the whole experience. We spend so much time together. Exchanging emails, phone calls, 2-3 hours of a wedding trial, perhaps 6 hours of a wedding morning. We have to get on.

My Hairdresser Talk Is Atrocious

One thing to know about me – I’m not good at hairdresser talk. Of course, I will ask about your honeymoon and your dress. This is because I am interested, not because I feel the need to fill awkward silences. I love a gossip (just check out my testimonials on google or my Instagram account). I’m fairly sarcastic – though never rude and I love to sing and dance. Give me late 90s pop or an Eminem track and I will give a little show. Once, at a trial, I became a human jukebox, spilling lines from Busted, Spice Girls, Eminem and John Mayer. I take pride on being exactly who I am and being accepted for that.

Actually, I really am interested in everything about everyone’s lives. I always find it so fascinating to hear how people met. I want to hear about their jobs, their future plans or about the lady who sits next to them at work.

A calming influence

That is not to say that I can’t be reserved and will be if the occasion calls for it. I am a calm person when I need to be and will always take control of situations if the bride is feeling a little overwhelmed. Recently, one of my incredibly wonderful brides was being bombarded with questions and gave me the role of answering them. The gifts go on the left, you’d like some Prosecco and some more calming music with less people in the room (Cue Evie asking for a cup of tea). oh yes, I’m a tea addict by the way. Feel free to cut me off when I look like I’ve had enough. You’ll be doing me a favour.

Obviously, I love doing hair and makeup for weddings and I consider myself so lucky to be able to do this for a living. I love people and I really love being part of such an important day for so many people. I’m currently averaging at 70 weddings per year and I can remember every bride and so many wonderful things about each person.

My 2020 calendar is open and filling up quickly so please get in touch if you’d like to get booked in for your wedding date.