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The Do’s And Don’t’s Before A Hair Trial

The do’s before a hair trial.

Arrive with clean and dry hair.

Every hair stylist is different so always check with your stylist a head of the big day. Personally, I prefer to work with clean hair and add products if the hair needs a little more grip. Other stylists however, may prefer for you to have day old hair. my advice would be to arrive with clean hair and then you and your stylist can discuss what would be best for your big day.

Oily hair is so difficult to work with as it will rarely hold a curl and can look a little limp. Not what you want for your wedding day. All hair has a little oil and dry shampoos are great for this. Hair that is too oily or perhaps worse, full of dry shampoo will make styling your hair much more challenging. That being said – this rule does not apply to curly girls – you will know best.

Have a little idea of what you would like to trial.

It’s absolutely fine if you aren’t sure of how you would like your hair styled for your big day . I actually prefer it, but it is helpful to know whether you want it up or down. At a trial, the stylist will usually trial 2 (sometimes 3) styles. I find anymore than that, then you will likely leave confused having been given too many options.

I would definitely suggest coming with your hair already blowdried how you would usually do it, without product if possible. Of course if you usually let it dry naturally or have curly hair, do what is best for you. However arriving with wet hair if it is thick can cut in to trial and wedding day times (unless already agreed). This way you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your trial.

Have an open mind.

Your stylist will have done so many hair styles on so many people and really will be able to help you decide what suits you if you are unsure.

The Don’ts.

Apply any leave in conditions, oils or hairspray.

Hair with oils in such as coconut or argan oil will not hold a curl. Not to mention the fact that as soon as it touches the heat appliances the room will smell and the flat irons or curling tongs will be covered in oil and be un-usuable (I’ll drop them and burn myself – I’m clumsy)

Don’t straighten your hair before the trial or big day.

Straightened hair does not curl very well and will just cause an extra battle for your stylist. If you are worried about flyaways, then your stylist can sort those out during your trial.

Don’t be afraid to tell your stylist if you aren’t sure of the style.

We really truly want you to leave feeling happy. Any hair style can be changed, either with tweaks at the trial or on the day. Hair can be washed and re-done 🙂

Don’t wear a satin or silk robe.

I know – I suck. The thing is, once you hair is done, the robe will have a tendency to rub against the base of your hair style. It will pull bits out, make it static or just plain ruin it. Please wear it off of your shoulders once the style is done. Then pop it back on quickly if you’d like a photos of everyone in their bridesmaids/bridal dressing gowns.

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