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How To Create The Perfect Red Lip

A red lip is classic and timeless. It can also be very hard to execute so follow my simple guide. The link for the tutorial on how to create the perfect red lip can be found at the bottom of this page.


As with all aspects of makeup, applying a classic red lipstick requires a little bit of prep work.

I’ve heard so many times before that a lip scrub is best as an exfoliator. Whether that is a homemade one or a store bought. Personally, I find these way too hard on such a delicate area. My best tip is to get a cotton bud and very gently glide it over your lips to softly buff the skin.

Once you are done, simply add a little lip moisturiser and then wait for it to settle in to your lips.

Lipstick – the first round

I only ever use a lipliner if I am creating a red lip. For other shades, I much prefer a softer look to make it all a little more natural.

Firstly, apply the lipstick straight from the bullet on to your lips as this will ensure a good coverage. This does not need to be perfect. Aim for the centre of your lips. Next, rub your lips together quite a lot. You really want to almost ‘apply’ the lipstick to your lips this way. This will give you a true guide of where the liner should go.

The second round

This time, take an angled brush like this one to apply the lipstick (I know that it is an eyeliner brush – but trust me – it is much better for lips). If you would like, here you can go a little beyond your lip line to create the desired shape. Be really careful not to overdraw too much. It can definitely end up looking too fake! Concentrate on getting a good cupids bow shape – this is the ‘M’ shape at the top middle section of your lip. The angled brush is perfect for creating sharp lines – just rest your elbow on a surface to steady yourself.

Lip liner

I prefer to apply lip liner last as his helps to create your final lip shape. Starting at your cupids bow, very gently brush the pencil along the lip line, almost tracing your natural shape. At this point, be sure to check yourself in all angles. You don’t want to walk out with a wonky lip.

For adding staying power, you can fill in the entire lip with the pencil.

My favourite lipstick can be found here, along with the lipliner.

A link to my tutorial can be found on my instagram highlights and one of my favourite looks can be found here.