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Wellbeing, Coronavirus And Your Wedding

There isn’t a single person who hasn’t been affected by Coronavirus in some way or another. Whether it’s through working from home or like all of us in the wedding industry, a total loss of income, brides and more importantly – fun.

To work in the wedding industry, you have to like more than just your field of expertise, you have to love the environment and the people that you meet.

You see, most of us (if not all of us) absolutely love the people that we encounter through the wedding world. We love meeting new brides! I know that I am insanely lucky – I seem to get all of the wonderful, lovely and kind brides and it really does break my heart to know how much you are all suffering right now.

I am so glad that all of my brides this side of summer have been able to reschedule their weddings for either later this year or next. I’m also incredibly glad that I am still on board for almost all of them and have been able to find alternative artists for the weddings that I cannot make.

It’s hard to see right now, but there is light at the end of this tunnel. For now, to keep us (me) sane, I have put together a few ideas for our wellbeing during this time. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to celebrate your wedding alone or to read your vows to each other anyway 😉 )

Give yourself a break!

We seem to have developed this opinion that now that we are in lockdown, we need to be doing everything. We don’t. Sure, it’s definitely a great idea if you have had a project knocking around that you want to start or dabble in. You do not have to complete a whole project in this time. In my hippy outlook on life, I think that the world is asking for time to breathe and I think that we should be honouring that too. Give yourself a rest. Watch that TV show, read the book, sit and stare at the ceiling if it’s what you need. It’s OK.

Take advantage of the free wellbeing practices being offered

I’m a sucker for a workout practice. My favourite is barre workouts. They tone you up and give you a bit of cardio and the endorphins help too!

If you’re a freelancer currently (or rather currently ‘not’) then working out can give a bit of structure to the day or at the very least, help you feel as though you have achieved something.

My local yoga studio is offering online classes at £6 or a weeks worth of classes for £7 – bargain! Search Trika Yoga on Google.

One of my friends in LA is offering free classes every Saturday morning and zoom classes for £30 a month – I highly recommend you check her out – she’s Drew Barrymores personal trainer – You can find her here

Get outside in the sunshine (wear an SPF)

As of today, we are allowed outside as much as we want. I have honestly found this to be something that I had forgotten that I needed and now I really am taking the time to feel some gratitude for the outside world. Go for a walk without listening to any music or a podcast. It’s so calming.

Listen to the rain

Last week we had a day of rain where the temperature was still fairly warm. I felt the urge to just sit on the doorstep and listen to the rain. This can of course be done indoors, but just sitting on the step, closing my eyes and listening really did kick some of my anxiety out of the window (or door).

Get off of social media

I’m a sucker for this. I used to spend hours on my phone comparing my life to everyone else’s and making myself sad that I am not achieving as much as everyone else. It’s pointless. Especially now.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with this pandemic. Some are carrying on as normal, some are not. Some of us are looking at the Instagram profiles with the users succeeding in writing that book or running a marathon in the garden and feel bad about our own achievements. But my advice, for what it’s worth – you do not need to achieve anything in this lockdown. The world is trying to breathe and so are we. If breathing is your success of the day then that is 1000% fantastic. Some people are not getting that level of success.

Comparing ourself to others is a slippery slope. Turn off your phone in the evening and leave it off until the morning. That’s what I’ve been doing and I’ve been sleeping a lot better because of it.

I am of course no expert, but these are some things that are working for me.

I hope so desperately to meet you all soon for your wedding. Reach out to me if you would like. I’m here.

Evie xx

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