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Sustainable Swaps For Your Beauty Routine

We’re all becoming a little more aware of what we put in or on our body and what impact our product choices have on the environment. Over the last few years – the last year especially, I have been looking at sustainable swaps for my beauty routine. Here’s what I’ve found.


The most simple swap I made in the last year was switching from a liquid cleanser to a solid soap bar. My skin is fairly non-reactive to products so this works well for me, however, if you have problem prone skin then make sure to research a suitable soap bar. I use this one currently but I have also heard great things about this one.

Makeup remover

I am not a fan of micellar water. I think that they are OK from time to time, such as your wedding day or to remove makeup at a trial, however, personally, I find them too harsh for my skin. As I said above, my skin is not sensitive at all but so far, all of the micellar waters that I have tried has irritated my skin and made my eyes sting. I’ve since changed to using regular old coconut oil and it’s worked a charm. I’ve been using this for just over 2 years and honestly I love it. I don’t need to scrub at all like I have done with other makeup removers. I have an empty tin that I put it in for ease in my bathroom.


Finding a good shampoo honestly seems to have taken me decades, but I’ve finally settled on one that I like. You can find it here, I also use their conditioner but I’m not totally sold on it and plan to look for a new one once i have used this one.

Body Soap

This has been one of the easiest products to find and there are so many on the market. In my opinion, solid soap bars are the way to go. They last ages, smell good and are super cheap. I’m currently using this one.

Cotton pads

If you do like micellar water or other forms of makeup remover that require a cotton pad, I bought these at the very start of the pandemic for my kit – after a little meltdown about contamination, I’ve come to the conclusion that these are still the best option for me. I simply take a bag of these with me, put the used ones in a separate bag and wash them on a high heat when I get home.

I hope this helps you with sustainable swaps for your beauty routine. I’d love to know if you have any products that you have tried to help you become more planet loving!

Evie x