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Two Weeks In Costa Rica

I have the best job. Ever. I’m lucky enough to get flown all around the world for weddings and photoshoots. Last week saw me heading for two weeks in Costa Rica shooting with Weird Fish.

I should point out that this trip was at the beginning of February when there were storms and rain in the UK. This has no relevance to the post, I just wanted to make you a little jealous.

I have been working with Weird Fish for a little while now and I was lucky enough to be taken to Iceland with them back in August. It wasn’t as warm, you’ll be pleased to know.

Being flown to the equator and having some sunshine sounds great in theory. And it was. But, it comes with its own challenges. I was working with 4 models throughout the shoot. Two men and two women. We would start at our house for the week at around 4am (yep) and then be on the road for the rest of the day with nothing but a kit bag for touch-ups. Luckily, Weird Fish love natural makeup so at least the models wouldn’t be loaded full of makeup.


To make sure the makeup stayed put throughout the day, I used this primer. I’ve used it for years on locations and weddings in France. I’ll also be taking it to Italy this summer where I have a few weddings.

Meg and Elena were already pretty bronzed but I wanted to add a little extra glow. To do this, I used these drops of sun by The Body Shop. Mixing them in with the foundation then added an additional application to places where you would normally catch the sun. I then used this Charlotte Tilbury highlighter for the tops of the cheekbones and the cupids bow.

I avoided using pink or red blush on both models and opted for either a bronzer or this Glossier Cloud paint in Beam.

Throughout the entire shoot, I didn’t apply any lipstick. I just used an Argan oil lip balm that was gifted to me on a shoot a few weeks ago.

Of course, I made sure everyone was wearing sunscreen on the shoot, particularly on their faces. I used this sunscreen. SPF 50 is so important. SPF 30 is a good idea for every day at an absolute minimum.


Elena had naturally curly hair, so I simply redefined the curls using my H2D barrel wand with the smallest barrel and added some curl control cream.

For meg, I curled her hair using hair straighteners as I really wanted a beach vibe. I alternated the way I curled the hair and left it very soft. I didn’t use hairspray and opted for Living Proof texture spray which was a really great product to have in my kit. This gave the hair a little pick-me-up throughout the day.

We shot for three days and I spent two weeks in Costa Rica with the team, searching for shoot locations, drinking piƱa coladas, speaking Spanish and having the best views.

I consider myself so lucky that I get to call this my life.

Here are some behind the scenes shots from my two weeks in Costa Rica.

Check out my time in Iceland with the team here.

Evie x

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