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The 5 Best Wedding Photographers In Bristol

In my opinion, a photographer can make or break your wedding. Alright, so that might be a bit dramatic, but as a Bristol-based hair and makeup artist, I have met hundreds of Bristol based wedding photographers and so I know how to spot a good one. In my 12 years as a hair and makeup artist, I have come up with the 5 best wedding photographers in Bristol that I feel complement the vibe that my brides go for.

  1. Oxana at Oxi Photography. Oxana, whilst not technically living in Bristol, she is here all of the time to shoot some of the best weddings in the best venues. Oxana’s style is ‘fine art’. The detail and care that Oxana puts, not only into her work but into conversations with each and every couple is great to see and hear. From my experience, brides have described Oxana as ‘like having a best friend shoot your wedding’. I imagine just with the added benefit of Oxana knowing what she’s doing and being sober.
  2. Albert Palmer. I have known Albert for years now. He was probably one of the first photographers to send me images of weddings for which I did hair and makeup. Albert is the King of getting sunset shots of newlyweds. He has a great eye for capturing the moment when the sun is the softest and most flattering. Whenever Albert sends photos my way, I know that there are going to be so many that the couple are going to be so happy with.
    • Sam Gibson. Sam, quite honestly, brings the banter. Not only are his images so beautiful, but his personality really shines through. He knows exactly what he is doing (having done this for so many years) and he blends in perfectly so you will completely forget that he is snapping away at the back. As Bristol wedding photographers go, he’s one of the best.
    • Taylor Hughes Photography. I’ve worked with Jack and Jade quite a few times over the years and I really love how they work as a team. Their styles complement each other and I know that every single time I get booked onto the same wedding as them, I will love the images!
    • Through the woods, we ran. I love the style of these two. I love their website. I love the whole vibe of them. We have the same approach to weddings and that fits well with me. They agree that perfection isn’t real, which, as a wedding make up artist, I strongly agree with. Their imagery is fun and effortless which is exactly why I love them.

    There are so many more Bristol-based wedding photographers, as you probably know from looking at all of them. As a Bristol-based wedding makeup artist, I get to meet so many and there are dozens that I have missed off of this list. But this should help to get the ball rolling for you and it’s always nice to get some recommended photographers to help you on your way.

    To check out some of my work, you can visit my Instagram, or head back over to my portfolio to see some of the work of my favourite wedding photographers from Bristol and the rest of the world.

    bristol wedding photographer
    Photography by Albert Palmer