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FAQ – From Who I Am To What I Provide And What You Can Expect

  1. How long have you been a hair and makeup artist? I have been a makeup artist for 12 years and a hairstylist for 9.
  2. How did you start out as a makeup artist? I first started out when I was living in Los Angeles and attending school out there. I wasn’t able to work legally so worked for cold hard cash doing the makeup for other actors out there. Eventually, I went on to create makeup looks for events such as The Oscars and The Grammys.
  3. What happens at a hair and makeup trial? Before your hair and makeup trial, I will ask you to come with your hair clean and dry, free of product and for you to wear your makeup how you like it on a day-to-day basis. This allows me to see what your makeup vibe is in an everyday setting and gives me a base to work from. If you have a particular product that you love, then feel free to bring this also. At the trial, we will discuss any ideas that you might have and view any images you’ve saved or sent to me. We will then work together to create styles that will suit you and your vibe. Typically, you can expect one makeup look, with plenty of tweaks as we go and one to two hairstyles. We can change lipsticks and tweak eyeshadows throughout the trial, though bear in mind, the more we take the makeup off, the more there is a potential for irritation due to rubbing the delicate eye area.
  4. Where do trials take place? Trials usually take place at my home in the city centre of Bristol. I’m directly opposite Cabot Circus so great for a bite to eat after your trial and to purchase any products that we used that you wish to top up with on your wedding day. Trials can also take place at a venue of your choice. Travel charges may be applied.
  5. How far do you travel? Basically, anywhere you’ll want me. 2022 saw me flying to Italy, France, Geneva, Iceland and Costa Rica. To get in touch regarding your destination wedding, please contact me here. Travel inside the UK is subject to 35p per mile, starting from 15 miles outside of Bristol City Centre.
  6. Do you charge extra for destination weddings? Nope. All of my prices are the same, regardless of what continent I am on. The only additional charges are flights, accommodation and car rentals.
  7. How can I get the most out of my hair and makeup trial? Preparation is key. Come armed with lots of images of the hair and makeup you like. A good point to remember here is to try to find makeup looks on people with a similar skin tone and eye colour to you. Something that looks great on one skin tone doesn’t always translate well onto others. Skin prep is also key. For my guide on what to expect, click here. If you would like more than one makeup look at the trial, an additional £30 will be required per look. This also applies to hairstyles after the initial two transitional looks. You are welcome to book more separate trials. These will be charged at the initial trial rate.
  8. How many people can you fit into the wedding morning? This all depends on the time of your wedding. For a 2pm wedding, I like to have the bride ready by 1pm. For 5 people for hair and makeup, I would usually start around 7.30/8. I can also bring an assistant with me for ease. Please enquire for more details on this. (You don’t pay an extra charge for my assistant).
  9. Can you do my wedding without a trial? Absolutely. Trials are great to get to know your artist but in reality, budgets don’t always stretch for this. As long as you feel confident in my work and confident to ask for tweaks as we go along, I am more than happy to arrive without a trial.
  10. Can I have a trial before I book you? Yes, you can. Dates are not held in my diary until a deposit is paid. Your date may get snapped up during this time. I will always try to keep you informed but I cannot guarantee it.
  11. How do I get in touch with you? The best way is through my email address right here.
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