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Before Your Wedding Hair And Makeup Trial

Having a wedding hair and makeup trial with someone who is, in theory, a stranger, can be daunting. Should you wash your hair before? Have your makeup applied or have a fresh face? What about inspirational images? Read on to find out what you should do before your wedding hair and makeup trial.

Inspirational Images

Finding images of how you would like your hair and makeup are essential in the lead up to your trial. It’s best if you can send these to your artist at least a week or so before your trial so that we can ensure we have everything we need on the day.

It’s really helpful to source images of people with similar skin tone, hair colour and hair type as you. Please, please bear in mind that almost all images that we see online have been edited/airbrushed or are on insanely beautiful models. Hair styles, more often than not have a full set of extensions in them to pad out the look and to make the styles look fuller.

Remember that the people in the images don’t always look like the photos. Real people have visible pores, fine lines and various textures. Makeup will not diminish these, however a good skincare routine can help. I recommend trying a product such as this one to help with any concerns. I’m a bit obsessed with it at the moment. You can use code ELIZABES5YAH to get your first one for £3.50.

(Also, if you know me, you know I HATE advertising. I will never have random affiliate links on my makeup artist portfolio website or Instagram, because quite frankly, it’s just not for me. However, a few months ago I had a bit of a breakdown staring at my wrinkles and this is the only product I’ve found that’s made a difference.) It’s important, however, not to try new products too close to your wedding. With the suggestions above, it’s a good idea to start with these a good few months before your wedding.

My Instagram can be found here. It’s a good idea to save some images of my work that you like so that we can be sure that we are on the same page.

Hair Trials

If you are planning on wearing your hair up for your wedding, be mindful of your dress choice. For example a low bun and a high neckline may result in your hair getting tangled in the dress throughout the day. It’s a good idea to have your dress picked before your trial and bring a photo of your dress to show at the trial. Then we can work together to see what will be best.

If you are planning on wearing your hair down on the big day, then it’s a good idea to have it at the length you want it, though not integral. For most updos, a good hair length is just below the under arm. If your hair is longer, it’s totally fine but bear in mind that the longer the hair, the bigger the hair style – or as Dolly Parton would say – ‘the higher the hair, the closer to God’.

Before your wedding hair and makeup trial, wash your hair 😉 I prefer freshly washed hair over dirty hair. For me, I wash my hair every morning (I know, I know – but it works for me), so I would always do this before my wedding hair and makeup trial. For you, if you feel as though your hair is best if you wash it the night before, do that. Whichever works for you is fine for me. However, anything longer than a day isn’t a good idea and neither is dry shampoo. This will make it harder to style and the natural hair oils will make it difficult to curl. The exception to this rule (and there’s always an exception) – I’m looking at you Gigi, are curly girls.

Funny gif which says 'What if I'm the exception?'

If you are like Gigi and end up being the exception (curly girls), you know what’s best for your hair so do that. However – the exception to the exception – no gel please. Nothing crunchy in your hair for your trial would be amazing. A little bit of mousse when your hair is damp is absolutely fine. If you feel like you would like to put oil in your hair before our trial. Let’s chat beforehand to discuss 🙂

Your hair must also be dry for the trial. Unless otherwise discussed, this will be the same on your wedding day. Anyone arriving with damp or wet hair on the wedding day or trial will mean the schedule will be off by around half an hour and risk lateness for wedding days.


Personally, for trials, I prefer clients to come with their makeup how they usually wear it. This gives me a good idea of the coverage you like and any other extras such as eyeliner ideas and how much or little you like your eyebrows filled in. We can then remove your makeup once we start.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start a good skincare routine. The most important parts for me are ensuring that you are hydrated, using a good cleanser, moisturiser and an SPF. A gentle exfoliator is also a good idea. I love this one. I’m a big fan of facials also – treat yourself.

Your Wedding Day

At your trial, we will have discussed lipstick options for you to purchase. Please make sure you bring this with you to top up throughout the day. Blotting paper or powder is also a great idea to stop any mid-day shine.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you!

Evie x

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