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Destination Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist- Masseria San Nicola, Puglia

I actually cannot believe my luck sometimes. I wish I was this cool person that is like ‘Oh yeah, of course, I get flown all around the world as a wedding destination hair and makeup artist, look at my work dahhhhling!’ But, I’m simply not. Every single time I get booked to work in another country, I cannot believe that this is my life. That someone thinks enough of me to book me and fly me out to be part of their special day.

Sophie’s wedding day was no exception. I actually met Sophie when she was a bridesmaid at another wedding a few years ago, and I’m doing her hair and makeup (and the bride’s hair and makeup) at another wedding next month (woohoo).

When Sophie contacted me to ask me to fly to Italy to do her hair and makeup, my answer was obviously, a very very very very very quick – yes. I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a few weddings in Puglia and I love the place.

The venue

Masseria San Nicola is in Puglia, Italy and very close to one of my favourite locations, Polignano a mare. The venue itself was big and white and airy. It had a beautiful pool and so many rooms that I lost count. It wasn’t far from the main towns but just far out enough that you could feel that you were in the middle of nowhere. It was the perfect venue for Sophie’s wedding.

The hair and makeup

As a destination wedding hair and makeup artist, I’ve become quite used to getting hair and makeup to last all day, despite the crazy dancing and the crazy heat and so I knew that I would be up for doing it again. And again. And again (I’m looking at you, future bride, looking to book a destination wedding hair and makeup artist in Puglia 😉 )

For Sophie’s hair, we decided on a loose updo, with lots of texture. I love this style for destination weddings as it keeps the hair off your neck in the 35 degree heat but also looks effortless (secret – it’s not effortless to create). Also, I love these styles as, if anything pops out through all of the crazy dancing and hugs, it looks like it was meant to happen and still looks lovely.

Sophie likes to wear her makeup very naturally. Which is, as you can probably tell, completely my vibe. I love creating looks that are more of an amped-up version of how you usually wear your makeup for a special day.

For makeup, skin prep is so key for creating an effortless look with sweat-proof staying power. SPF is so important for any wedding taking place, but especially so, when you are in Italy, France, Spain or anywhere where the sun is strong. I love this SPF as it’s vegan and creates a lovely base for makeup.

Primer is also important for a destination wedding. I don’t fully agree that all primers help makeup to stay on longer but they do help to even out skin tone and to create a nice base for makeup application. I love this one as it has colour-correcting tones added to it.

As a destination wedding hair and makeup artist, my absolute favourite setting spray is the Charlotte Tilbury spray. It makes the makeup practically bulletproof and is great for a mid-day spritz to revive the makeup.

Sophie’s wedding venue was so beautiful and I think the hair and makeup worked so well with the venue. Just check out the photos below to see how beautiful everyone looked.

If you would like to read about my other destination weddings, please check out my blog and do get in touch to enquire about your destination wedding.

Photos by Fotogravia, Italy.

Evie x

Destination wedding hair and makeup artist, Puglia
Destination wedding hair and makeup artist, Italy