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Lazy Girl Chic

I’m lazy. I’m a girl. And I’m going to pretend I’m chic. I work in France a lot and so I can kinda sorta maybe pretend that I’m some French chic babe, when really I’m sat here stuffing cake into my face and drinking a cup of tea.

Anyway, I digress. I mainly want to talk about my style in this article. Over the last 13 years of being a makeup artist and hair stylist, I’ve honed into what my actual style is and what it isn’t.

When I first started out, I tried to fit into the mould of what I thought makeup was supposed to be, which in my mind, is what I would call the ‘Miss Congeniality Style’. Think – big hair, big big big big big lashes and lots of heavy makeup. This isn’t my style at all. I’m a lazy human, I don’t have time for that and nor do I want to.

Also as a side note, I worked hard on being comfortable with how I look without makeup. Yes, I love makeup, but no, I don’t think people look better with it or without it. I think makeup should enhance and not mask. Of course, I will cover up any blemishes that you feel need covering, but I absolutely and 100% will not cover anything that someone has once told you is an ‘imperfection’. There is no such thing. There is no one like you and so any comparisons are unjust and inaccurate.

My style

My style is what you can probably call an ‘amped up’ version of you. You’ll look fresh-faced, with a nice glow (but not sweaty) and you’ll look bright and alive (all of the things none of us really feel on a daily basis).

I like light coverage foundation, I don’t like anything cakey on my skin and so I try not to put that on anyone else either. I think it comes from a childhood of wearing DreamMatte Mousse and being told that I need to cover up my freckles. I like a flushed cheek, sometimes with a bit of bronze and some very slight contouring.

I do not do heavy contouring. For me, I just don’t think it works. It can look fine in photographs but up-close, it just doesn’t. Trust me, I used to be a makeup artist in Los Angeles. I’ve seen Kim K in the flesh – it does not look good!

What I love is making you look like you usually do, but just the best version you can be. The you that looks effortless and the skin makeup looks barely there but with an added bit of je ne sais quoi on the eyes or on the lips.

Lazy girl chic 🙂

Evie x

Professional model showing off eye serum product.