A few weeks ago, I had the absolute honour of being flown to La Vue France, just outside of Bordeaux to be the destination wedding hair and makeup artist for two incredibly beautiful people. 

I have been asked not to share any images of the happy couple due to the nature of their jobs but what I can show, is exactly what the venue was like. 

The two brides found the wedding venue of their dreams (and now of my dreams) a little while ago and made the decision to get married there and fly their guests and ‘staff’ out to be with them. 

I always feel so humbled when anyone asks me to do their hair and makeup for such an important day. To have two women like my work enough to fly me out along with my assistant Faye is truly something that will always stay with me. 

(I’m going to make up some names for these Goddesses because I cannot keep referring to them as the brides, they’re fully fledged awesome people!) So….lets call them Sam and Emma.

Sam and Emma found me via Instagram after contacting a few other people. The live in Kent and asked if I would come to them to do a hair and makeup trial. Then potentially fly out to Bordeaux to do their wedding hair and makeup (bags are already packed guys). 

The trial

Booking a destination wedding hair and makeup artist can really take the stress out of looking for someone in your wedding location. Being based in the UK meant that Sam and Emma were able to have a trial with me. If we happened to need to make any tweaks, we could always do a re-trial. Fortunately for me, we seemed to crack the looks first time around. YAY

Two trials, one day, one room

What was really important was finding makeup and hair styles that were totally different for both of them, bringing out their different styles and tastes. We had to keep it all under wraps whilst they were both in the same room having their trials.

Ensuring that all of these styles were going to last in the 35 degree French heatwave summer was also something to bear in mind during the trial. good news – everyones styles stayed in place. In fact, the only thing that didn’t remain intact that weekend were my legs – mosquitoes love me. They love me so much that word got around and they told their friends that there was a party happening on my left leg that night. Yippe-kay-aye!

Having someone that you have not met and who you may potentially have a language barrier with can cause an extra bit of stress on your wedding day. Sometimes this just isn’t worth the risk of having to spend a little extra to fly out an artist. 

The big day

In total, there were ten people to get ready at La Vue France near Bordeaux. This meant that I needed to bring an assistant with me (this is at no extra costs – apart from the obvious extra seat on the flight – I’m close to my assistant but not that close). 

We started by flying in the day before to stay at a nearby Motel, about 10 minutes away from Birac, France in preparation for our relatively leisurely start of 9am at La Vue France. The entire bridal party had to be ready by 3pm so Faye and I had quite a lot of work to do (I also hate rushing around so left plenty of time). 

Wedding morning prep

As I was doing hair and makeup for both brides, we had to make sure that the makeup and hair was the freshest it could be before the 4pm wedding. Its great having an assistant to help with these sorts of things as Faye could stay with one side of the bridal party and do any retouches needed whilst I went to start the relatively easy job of making the second beautiful bride of the day look…well…beautiful. 

Sam really wanted a very natural makeup vibe and a loose half up hairstyle to compliment her blonde hair and fair features. Emma wanted makeup with an extra pop on the eyes so we opted for a metallic bronze smokey eye and her hair was all up with loose tendrils falling at the back. Their styles complimented each others so beautifully, showing how perfect they are for each other.

Climate control

Using practically bullet proof products for weddings in hotter climates is so important. Having a destination wedding hair and makeup artist that is experienced with adapting to various weather conditions is integral to making your hair and makeup styles stay put for the whole day. 

We were lucky enough to have Sam and Emma invite us back for the evening reception and to the pool party the following day at La Vue France and share some of the amazing moments with them.

We had such a lovely time meeting venue owners of La Vue France photographer Anneli Marinovich, videographer Kathleen and DJ Justin 🙂

Thank you so much ‘Emma and Sam’ for having us.