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Teenage Skincare

‘For the first 30 years of your life, you get the skin you were born with, then you get the skin you deserve’.

This quote shocked me in to taking care of my skin. I only wish I’d have known sooner.

It is so important to take care of your skin from an early age, from 12/13 years old onwards ideally. In France, girls are shipped off to a beautician at an early age to make sure that they know how to properly take care of their skin. As a teenager, you need products that will nourish your hormonal skin and not break the bank too much. here are my favourite products and how to apply them.


Firstly, if you are using a bar of soap to wash your face, it’s time to ditch it and opt for a cleansing face wash suited to your skin type.

Your skin will more than likely be a little oily with some dry patches during your teenage years, this is called combination skin. A gel cleanser is ideal for oily to combination skin, especially one that has benzoyl peroxide in it. This ingredient will decrease oil and bacteria in your skin and products with salicylic acid in them with help rid you of acne if used morning and night.


If you have dry skin, you can lightly exfoliate twice a week using some exfoliating gloves. You must be very gentle when using these on your face. Apply your favourite facial wash to the gloves and lightly scrub in upward and outward motions on your skin.


Toners are great for minimising pores and improving skin. Dampen a cotton pad with an alcohol free toner and sweep lightly over your face, taking care around your eye area.


Do not skip this step. Its tempting to not moisturise, especially if your skin is oily, but once again, finding the right moisturiser for your skin is so important. Also, oily skin, can be a sign that your skin is dehydrated so a moisturiser is essential and also upping your water intake. For oily skin, look for ingredients such as Vitamin C or Lemongrass.

For dry skin, a rich moisturiser is great. I recently got sent some samples of L’occitane’s 20% shea butter facial moisturiser and I love it. Its best to use this one before bedtime as it is very rich.


I know that its hard to do but, but don’t touch, squeeze or poke your spots. Touching them can cause bacteria to get under your skin and cause infections. Not to mention making them spread and get bigger!


We are all a little bit lazy sometimes, but it is so important to remove your makeup before bed. Coconut oil is amazing for removing mascara. Just pop a little into your hands until it melts then close your eyes and gently rub the product in to your lashes.

If you do have severe acne, talk to your GP about temporary medication.

Favourite products;

Neutrogena visibly clear spot clearing face wash

Botanics all bright toner – Boots

Celestial moisturiser – Lush

Coconut oil for removing makeup