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A Makeup Artist’s Skincare Routine

Flatteringly enough, I get a lot of compliments on my skin, so I thought I’d write a little about my makeup artists skincare routine and what I do that hopefully makes it looks like I’m a little more alive than I sometimes feel!

First of all – I try to be aware of what I put in to my body. Not always, because, you know, I’m a woman and I like cake. I do try my hardest to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

I always start my day with a glass of water with fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper and ginger. Yes, you read that right, cayenne pepper and ginger. I buy it in tincture form. Cayenne pepper may have great effects on your body from lowering blood pressure to speeding up your metabolism. Ginger may also be great for your body from potentially reducing cancer risk and helping with nausea.

At the very least – my word its a wake up call for your body and mind first thing in the morning. I once made it for my housemate when he was sick – he hated every moment of it but I know he felt better.

I also try to make a vegetable or fruit smoothie most days. This is definitely not every day, because Im lazy. But I do try.


Ok so without fail, I cleanse my face everyday. In the morning I use Superfacalist Rose Hydrate Cream Cleanser. Perhaps once or twice a week I will use a facial scrub in the shower also. I am currently using St. Ives. Im not in love with it but I don’t hate it either, so I will stick with it for a while.

Next I use quite a few products that I love.

1: The Ordinary – Argireline Solution. I apply this around my eyes, on my forehead and around my mouth to nose area. I really have noticed a different in using this twice a day. It has softened the lines around my eyes quite a lot (not that anyone would notice, but I notice them on myself). You only need a little of this. 

2. The Ordinary – Matrixyl. This is a serum that I apply all over my face and neck. It targets fine lines and I really do feel that my skin loves it. I allow a few minutes in between each product if I can, just to make sure that it fully absorbs.

3. Skin Food. If I have time or especially after I have used the facial scrub, I will apply Weleda Skin Food. This is very thick and hydrating. It really does add quite a shine to your skin so if this isn’t for you, I would say just use this in the evening and allow it to fully absorb – otherwise you will feel as though the bed sheets are sticking to you (personal experience).

4. Clinique – City Block. I use this everyday. It is so important to use a good SPF on your face. I like this one as it seems to have a bit of light reflection in it that makes my skin look a little glowy even before I apply foundation – if i chose to wear it.

Thats pretty much it for my daytime routine. It really doesn’t take too long and I find it quite therapeutic.

In The Evening

  1. Superfacialist Vitamin C Oil Cleanser. I remove my makeup using my favourite oil cleanser in the evening. I really wasn’t sure about using an oil on my face until I was very kindly sent this. Its amazing and I didnt realise how badly I was damaging my skin by using cleansers that I need to drag across my skin such as Micellar water. This is so calming and my skin doesn’t feel at all dry afterwards.
  2. I repeat steps 1 and 2 from the daytime routine.
  3. The Ordinary – Granative Retinoid 5% in Squalane. This one needs to be used with care, but I love it. It is recommended to help battle the signs of ageing. The website says to start with a smaller percentage of retinoid and work up as it can sometimes irritate your skin. Please pay attention to any signs that your skin gives your that it may not be happy with a product.
  4. Vitamin E oil – I use a natural Vitamin E Oil under and around my eyes and also on my lips just before bed. I just find this works best for me and is very soothing. Its also the one product that I will always take with me on a flight.
  5. Superfacialist Rose Night Cream. This is like a dream. Its so calming and rich but not sticky at all. i apply this to my neck and all over my face.
  6. Sleep. All of the sleep 🙂

You can find a video tutorial on my Instagram!

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