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Matte Skin vs Dewy Skin

Before starting work with any client, I always ask how they like their skin to look. Before you answer – flawless is not a thing. It doesn’t exist. Flawless can keep its place firmly in the Instababe box with the filters in my opinion. What I want to know is; do you prefer your skin to look matte or dewy? A light coverage or heavier in any particular places?

For me, I love a dewy look. I think it makes my face look more hydrated and more youthful. For one of my friends, she feels that the dewy look makes her feel and look sweaty. So which is right?

None Of Them And Both Of Them

I think the placement of products is so important to make sure that you look dewy and not sweaty, but the truth is, no matter what you do, if you have always viewed yourself as looking sweaty rather than dewy, even if the product placement is perfect, that is what you will feel.

You must have the style that you feel most suits you and what you feel most comfortable with. If you opt for a matte look for your wedding day, my best advice would be to buy some products to top up with throughout the day, such as a mattifying powder or blotting paper.

Dewy Skin

If you would like a glow to your skin but do not like the dewy look, opt for a super soft highlighter either on the tops of cheekbones and the high points of your face or apply a thin layer of highlighter over your entire face before foundation. If your skin is really clear and hydrated, I love applying highlighter all over and I think it works well. My favourite product for this is here.

To add a little extra glow, I love adding some liquid bronzer to my foundation. This creates a subtle glow, without the look of a fake tan. My favourite product can be found on this link.

Matte skin

If you would prefer a matte look to your skin, ensure that you have the correct foundation for the job. KVD do some great matte foundations which will be perfect. Skin prep is so important here as if you have any dry patches, the foundation will cling to those areas throughout the day and make your skin look dehydrated. Ensure that you are cleansing every day and removing your product with a washcloth (gently) will provide a gentle exfoliation. Serums and rose mists are also a great idea to hydrate your skin. Once you have moisturised – you’re good to go!

My style leans a little more towards the dewy look but I can tailor to both. Please check out my portfolio here.

Evie x

Professional model with hair and makeup by Bristol makeup artist Evie Smith.