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A makeup free lockdown

A makeup free lockdown is just as acceptable as a makeup wearing lockdown. And here’s why. I’m seeing a lot of posts recently. About how to wear your makeup for a Zoom work call. I think it’s great. If makeup is 100% your bag and you love wearing it for no other reason that you

Preventing and treating maskne (mask acne)

Pandemic + masks = maskne. Most of us have experienced this in some way or another over the past few months. Let’s look at preventing and treating maskne (mask acne). Prevention Spots can appear when our pores are clogged. This isn’t always the case and there are many factors to consider if you have acne.

What to expect from me as your makeup artist

Picking a makeup artist What to expect from a makeup artist? The obvious of course being that they create a look for you that you are happy with. Without question, that is the main focus of the day; that your hair and makeup are exactly how you imagined it would look – which will of

A makeup artists skincare routine

Flatteringly enough, I get a lot of compliments on my skin, so I thought I’d write a little about my makeup artists skincare routine and what I do that hopefully makes it looks like I’m a little more alive than I sometimes feel! First of all – I try to be aware of what I

This years bridal hair and makeup trends.

2018 Weddings. Yay weddings. 2018 is set to be another busy year for me and my team. I already have 51 weddings booked for this year and the team are looking like they will be equally busy. Do get in touch ASAP to see if we have availability for your wedding date. Every year, I look

Halloween Makeup

Happy Halloween! Every year, I get asked to do halloween makeup. I must admit I love it and I am surprised by what I can come up with. 2 years ago, I went to a party looking like a dinosaur had mauled my face, last year I went as though I’d been infected, and this

The Eyebrow Debate

Eyebrows are such an important feature for our faces and sometimes they go completely overlooked, or, on the other end of the scale, they look a little….caricature. Being fair haired, means that my brows have always disappeared behind my fringe and usually go unnoticed unless I apply a little product, but applying a pencil, a

Spring Makeup Trends – Liike Magazine

Finally, the nights are getting lighter and the sun is peeking through the grey clouds. Fingers crossed, it will soon be time to leave our wintry clothes behind us and opt for a lighter jacket and perhaps even shorts or a dress?! Runaways have been full of beautiful ideas for spring and summer hair and

Christmas Makeup

Tis the season… Every year, I hope for new trends and most years I am disappointed that the same styles are regurgitated. Finally, this year is a little different and its dark, very dark! Vampy lips are my favourite trend this season and they are not your standard deep reds. Im talking deep berry colours,

Autumnal Makeup Trends

I love Autumn. I love the colours that autumn produces and the frosty mornings and having to buy a whole new wardrobe of warmer clothes, although my bank balance isn’t a fan. However, with a season change, comes a make-up and hair change. While the runways can sometimes be full of impractical trends that may

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