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Destination makeup artist – Iceland

This month, I was lucky enough to be flown to Reykjavik in Iceland to be the destination hair and makeup artist for the British clothing brand Weird Fish. As you can imagine, packing for Iceland in September is difficult. It’s sort of cold, sort of wet, but could also be sunny and a bit warm.

A little about me

Hey! What a year. I’m very lucky to be fully booked for weekend weddings this year and 75% full for next year – yippee! I just wanted to take the time to write a little about myself and my style so that you can feel confident in who/what you are signing up for. I’m Evie.

Wedding planning and timeline checklist

Ever planned a wedding? No? neither have I. But, I have over 15 years of experience in the wedding industry and I know a thing or two. I’ve compiled some of the best advice I’ve heard or been given or read about over the past decade and a half into one handy little post. Read

Before your wedding hair and makeup trial

Having a wedding hair and makeup trial with someone who is, in theory, a stranger, can be daunting. Should you wash your hair before? Have your makeup applied or have a fresh face? What about inspirational images? Read on to find out what you should do before your wedding hair and makeup trial. Inspirational images

India Rose

The key differences between dewy and oily skin

I love dewy, healthy looking skin. However, there is a fine line between looking dewy (a healthy looking glow) and looking sweaty/oily. Dewy looking skin looks far more natural in comparison to a matte finish. Our faces are naturally never fully matte and so by adding highlights and glow in certain areas such as the

Sustainable swaps for your beauty routine

We’re all becoming a little more aware of what we put in or on our body and what impact our product choices have on the environment. Over the last few years – the last year especially, I have been looking at sustainable swaps for my beauty routine. Here’s what I’ve found. Cleansers The most simple

Get glowing skin for your destination wedding

If the pandemic plays fair, I’ll be off to Europe quite a lot this year for a few elopement weddings. My favourite style is and probably always will be glowing skin and just because you’re in a hot country, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice. Read on to get glowing skin for your destination wedding.

Being a cruelty free vegan makeup artist

The journey I haven’t always been vegan. I haven’t always had a desire to be cruelty free. Well, I have. It’s not that I hated animals, but actually, I just didn’t care enough to think about it. Or perhaps I didn’t make the connection. For the past two years I have been vegan and on

A makeup free lockdown

A makeup free lockdown is just as acceptable as a makeup wearing lockdown. And here’s why. I’m seeing a lot of posts recently. About how to wear your makeup for a Zoom work call. I think it’s great. If makeup is 100% your bag and you love wearing it for no other reason that you